The angel looked up at the girl who stood in front of her. The creature gasped and put her hands to her mouth, she sat in a trance, captivated by the girls beautiful eyes which had as much right to call themselves sapphires as the real gems did.

'Are you lost?' She asked, the angel swayed on her knee's, unable to put a lid on the desire which was quickly building up in her chest. Her eyes, her voice... the angel wanted to know it all. Every last bit; more than anyone else! Better than anyone else!

'Yes.' The angel replied, unsure of her own voice. The girl frowned at her, then she clapped her hands together, and gave the angel a wide smile.

'Would you like to stay at my house for the meantime?' She asked, 'my name is Mari.'

The whole world stopped, and the angels heart burst. The naive creatures cheeks flushed and it was in that moment her whole world came to be, I live for Mari. Was the only thing that came to her pathetic mind.

'Is it really fine for me to come over?' The angels voice waved, she wanted she stop talking and grab Mari's hand and drag her away, to a far away place where they could live together forever.

'I'm quite sure for the time being. I didn't catch your name.'


As soon as the word spilled from the angels lips, her two, small, crystal white wings unfurled from her back. The angel stared at them , horrified by the sight, Mari was going to run away and leave her by herself--

'Wow! They're beautiful!' Mari gasped, 'your a real angel! You really are! Amazing!'

'Really? The angel felt her heart implode in the best way possible and desire started building up in her chest. The joy of acceptance had led to very different feelings in the angels mind, she took a long shaky breath and gave Mari her best smile.

'Wear this,' Mari took off her cloak and draped it around the angels shoulders, 'I'm going to be selfish, Angel. I'll hide you and keep you safe.'

Mari winked at the angel, and held out a hand. The love-enslaved angel had no choice but to take the hand, sealing the two's fate in an instant.

The End

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