Mari stood, linked arms with her fiance, she stared at all the paintings at the auction without really looking at them. All they seemed to be was blurred lines and bland colours. Much alike to her heart which was filled with a yearning for something she couldn't quite put her finger on. But why? Mari had no idea, and hoped she was yet to find out.

'How do you like this one, Sister Mari?' Her finace smiled, 'it looks very much like you.'

Mari looked away from her shoes, which was the newest thing for her unseeing eyes to bore into.

'It is a spitting image! Right down to last fleck of colour in the eyes. And, oh do look, Mari,' her fiance sighed, Mari's eyes flicked to him then the painting. She felt her eyes widen in shock, it look exactly like her.

How peculiar. Mari thought, 'look, is that an angel in the background?' She asked, peering at the canvas; then behind the painting-Mari's shoulder.And sure enough, a little creature with fluffy white wings similar to a dove's and golden hair was sat on the balcony behind the girl in the painting.

'So you fancy the painting that looks like you,' her fiance shook his head, 'you could have just asked for a self portrait!'

'But it wouldn't look like this. Artists these days are awfully boring, brother. They only paint what they see; not beyond.' Mari told him sternly. But she was perfectly right, nothing was quirky, or amazing or breathtaking in this world. All Mari saw was boring colours that all seemed to resemble grey, and lot's of new things which were going to create a lazy society in the near future.

'I am going to get a breath of fresh air, this place is awfully crowding.' Mari said to her fiance, then she turned on her heel and left the gallery.

She leaned up against a pillar outside of the gallery. Sighing she closed her eyes and imagined a beautiful angel watching over her every more.

A small gasped made her eyes flash open, Mari poked her head around the pillar and it seemed her wild imagination have a spark which had a become a flame of reality...

The End

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