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I'm basing this story on the song "Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~" by the Kagamine twins from Vocaloid ^_^ I love the storyline of the song, so I decided to write it long and more detailed :) So, I guess the storyline isn't exactly my idea, but I hope you like it :D

There was once a angel, her pure body, soul and heart as chaste as any other angel in heaven. She had a long golden mane, ready to challenge that of any lion; ivory skin and large green eyes the colour of newly-polished emeralds. Not one person, be it human, demon or angel could deny the beauty of her.

The nameless beauty of innocence.

But she was prepared to sacrifice all off this wonder and the safe heaven she lived in for a human, this human was someone who she knew in the past. A very long time ago, a long time before the angel had died.

The angel had always been watching this women, the one girl who captured her untouched heart in a second -- if that -- and the angel was determined for her to become aware she had a angel on her shoulder; protecting her forever.

But the dilemma of this angels unwavering love was the sin. In fact, just by watching her from afar, the Devil had already wormed his way into the angels mind and heart.

The angel was fully prepared to shoulder to burden of her love, but had no idea how much that burden would be. Nor did the naive creature know that her love for the girl was a sin, punishable by removing the wings.

All she knew was that she and the human were in love once, deeply in love and no one and nothing could separate them -- except death.

"I can accept death, but not the loss of Mari." The only thought she could remember of being human.  The angel wanted to meet the person in this last thought so very badly, but had no idea how to all the way up in heaven. So she went to the Looking Glass every single day and thought hard for the name.

Then one day, as if the angels desperate love had reached her, the human had been found and the angel fell in love in the second she laid her eyes on the girl: Mari.

The little angel was helpless, kept in tight shackles by her own heart.

It was exactly three years after she saw Mari that the angel decided to sacrifice her life in heaven to meet Mari. Little did the pathetic angel know, this would change her and Mari's lives forever.

For the worst and for the best.

The End

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