All's Well That Ends Well- Usually

This story is about a family- The Goldsteins- who have a few struggles in life- school projects, dating, the usual- but are good at working things out. There's Al, the two-year-old- enough said- Rob, the third grader with the attitude, Julie, who's twelve years old and complains a lot, Rebekah, the 17-year-old honor student- and then there are the parents, Donna and Owen.

With an enormous sigh, Rob stuffed the assessment into the mysterious and as yet undiscovered recesses of his backpack. Yeah, maybe he got an "A" this time, but he didn't want any of that commotion either, as his sisters would tease him incessantly until, I don't know, until little Al got into college?

Especially Julie Goldstein, the little sixth grader who couldn't manage a "B" and was just jealous of anyone who could. I guess that's why she loves me so much, thought Rob bitterly, as he zipped up the Spiderman backpack and trudged down the road to his house.

Inside, Rebekah and her friend, Lilly Dorelli, were doing math homework together. Rob had to disguise the snort into his nylon sweater as a sneeze. Both girls looked at him funny, anyway. They were a pair. Homework was their idea of a good time.

Meanwhile, Donna and Owen Goldstein, the parents, were doing taxes. This was Donna's idea of a good time, and God knows why. Still, she somehow managed to look up from her beloved paperwork to greet her son half-heartedly. "Well, kid, we might as well get this over with," she grumbled. "Let's see your math test, dear."

The End

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