After the hour, I had trandfiguration, Defense against the dark arts, potions, herboogy. When my classes were finished I went back to the Gryffindor tower where I told the fat lady our, choclate frog, password, The fat lady portrait let's me in. I go and sitt down by the fire, and finished the rest of my homework, till' everyone got back. When Albus got back he sat next to me. Hey, wanna go see Hagrid Al? sure. Alright let's go Al. Can I come too?, ask's Scorpious, who was sitting next to me and  Albus. Al looks at me, questioning like, Sure I say, smiling.

We all head out of the the common room, through the corridors,and as sson as we know it were waling across the hogwarts grounds, heading towards, Hagrids. When we get to Hagrid's, I go up on his porch and knock. I can hear his loud booming steps walking towards the door saying "Who is it?" It's just us, says Albus. Hagrid opens the door, fang at his side. " "Come in". Says Hagrid. We all step into the shabby old house. We sit down at the old almost broken down table.

"I'll make some tea" I say as, I grab the essentials out of the old wooden cupboard. "Come ta' visi't" says Hagrid. Yeah, I say, First visit of the year. When I'm finished, I give Hagrid, Al, Scorpious tea, and drink some myself.  Did you finish all of you homework? ask's Albus. I finished all of it except Muggle studdies I say. You wanna do our Muggle studdies homework together ask's Scorpious. Sure I say. We chit-chat for about an hour, And finsh our tea, Scorpious, Albus and, I walk back to Gryffindor Comon room.


The End

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