Muggle Studdies.

I wake up at dawn, not even tired. I dress in my robes, Rose is stil sleeping and I dont wake her. So I just walk down to the great hall. Albus and Scorpious are sitting at the Gryffindor table already.  We all start filling our plates not, as the others join in. When Rose comes she asks Scorpious if they can go talk privatly for a momment, and they get up and walk away. Wonder what thats about, says Albus. She's breaking up with him says, Victoire. How do you know?, Asks James. She talks in her sleep and, It woke me up last night Victoire explains. And she was right, when they sat down Scorpious sat on my side of the table next to Al While, Rose sat on the other, by Victoire.We al sat in silence , eating breakfast until, we get our classes. I have Muggle studdies first with, Scorpious.

When its time to leave, I see Albus pull scorpious to the side and I hear him say, be nice to Lily, she's a little stressed about O.W.L.'s Will you? Yeah sure, Why wouldnt I be nice to her. Thanks Al says, thats when I come up behind him and say, Talking about me again? And Then, we all start laughing.

Me and Scorpious, walk to Muggle studdies together and sit somewhere in the back together. It's sweet of you, to sit by me and be nice, because Al asked you to I say, But, You dont have to its fine. I would have been nice to you anyway, You've always been nice to me and O.W.L.'s Dont sweat it, their pretty easy, says  Scorpious. Thanks, I say, Smiling.

The End

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