The Night by the fire.

Everyone goes to sit in their regular spots, around the fire place, Except me, instead i go sit buy the window in the corner. Soon enough I hear foot steps coming toward me, It's Al. Hey, I know somethings wrong, what is it Lily? You rent even coming to sit with us by the fire.  I let out a sigh, knowing I cant hold it in any longer. I'm just stresed, and scared, I know my O.W.L.'s are a while away, but im scared of not passing them, or getting a bad grade, I wanted to have fun this year, but I'm also Terrified about the exams, Albus I say. I Had fun during my O.W.L.'s I didnt want to study 24/7 either, But I passed mine, and your way smarter, You'll deffinetly pass them. I smile, Thanks Al, I say hugging him. We walk back over, to the fire, though I'm still nervous, just not nearly as much.

We all talk until, we get tired, and go upstairs. I change into my Pajamas. I get into the old four poster bed, and fall asleep for about an hour. I wake up, because I cant sleep, I go down tot he comon room, Finding Scorpious by, the fire. Can't sleep? I ask. Nope, he awnsers, Me neither I reply.After talking for about an hour, near the warm fire, we both decide to go back to bed. Goodnight, I say, Night' Scorpious says.

And with that, I go back to bed and fall asleep.

The End

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