Fifth year begins.

Everyone is rushing to the window, acting as though they have never set fot on Hogwarts grounds in their lives. Suppose everyone misses Hogwarts, their second home. Iv'e missed everything The Peeves doing riddiculous tricks on everyone, Filch, Filch yelling at the Peeves for tricking people, The house's ghost, Hagrid, McGonagal, The feast, Forbidden forest, The lake, The Whomping Willow, The teachers, Everything.

Everyone gets off, looking around, thinking of the great memories, that have been made at Hogwarts. We all board a carrige being pulled by Threstrals. None of us can see Threstrals only people who have seen death can see Threstrals. The ride to the castle was quiet, everyone was in about the same positioning as on the train. Teddy kissing Victoire's cheek or whispering in her ear, making her giggle. Bet she thinks it's cute. When we arive, Peeves is floating through the air, like some kind of lunitic, looking like he's not even sane, gone mad.

We all walk through the giant doors, and into the great hall, taking our seats at gryffindor table. Teddy and Victoire are cutting everyone out, facing each other holding hands. Scorpious  and Rose, holding hands, everyone talking, just until, Mcgonagal comes stoping the talking right away, just like always, introducing the first years. Their scared face looking up at us, knowing whats going to happen, Their name will be called, then they'll get up, sit on the old stool, and the sorting hat, the been used probably ever since the founders of Hogwarts. I'm so focused on thinking, I dont even notice that the sorting hat's already sand a song or that Albus, is asking me a question. I turn back to Albus, What'd you say Albus? I ask. I said, That the song sounded about the same from your, second year, doesnt it said Albus. Yeah, it kind of does I say.They are all looking at me now, even Teddy and Victoire. Are you okay ask's Al, Fine I say, Happy to be back, Their still looking at me until the feast comes, And McGonagal says here natural line, "Let the feasts begin."

When the food is finished we are led back to the Gryffindor common room, to learn our new password, Choclate frogs, and the door opens. Something I'll be able to remember says, Hugo. You can remember anthing about food, Rose says.

The End

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