Platform 9 3/4

Everyone's rushing, getting putting their trunks in their carts. After everyone has their all of their stuff in their carts we all go inside. when we get between platform nine and ten, We meet the barrier. Mum and Dad, Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, Mr. & Mrs. Malfoy are all standing to the side, their children in a line with their carts. Rose, Lily, You first, Mum says. Rose and me run straight at the barrier. When we get to platform 9 3/4 we got to the side and soon, we see Albus and, Scorpious then, Hugo  after Hugo, Teddy and Victoire Soon after, all of the parents join in and soon, we see them the same as us on, the other side of the barrier.

We all say our goodbyes and hug, Mum  giving, Albus, James and I, kisses, Her and dad telling us to have a great time, and they'll see us during christmas. We all go put our trunks away and sit in our seats. On the right side, Teddy and Victoire, and Hugo sit together. On the oppisite side is Scorpious, Rose Albus, James and I. Teddy and Victoire held hand her head on his shoulder, Scorpious and Rose were holding hands as well.

The Journey to Hogwarts began, long and quiet. Hey were almost there shouts, Rose! You can see the hills and the lake says, Victoire. I wonder what the song will be this year? Ask's Scorpious. Well It's the same just about every year I say.  Staying up late and, Getting up early Says, Teddy. O.W.L's I say. Quiditch practice says, Albus. The Food says, Hugo. Ofcourse you would say the food Hugo says, Rose. Everyone laughs, And starts talking about the Feast and Choclate frogs, Yum. Then all of a sudden The train stops.

The End

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