Alliegance XMature

In a New World Order, a large group of men and women rise up against the over-controlling government, whose motto is "Obey."
The affiliates name their squadrants after the Old Alphabet, the letters A-Z.
They are annhialated one by one.
Only one remains.
Alliegance X.

Adam ran down the alley way, gasping for breath. His face dirty and clothes torn; all proof of what had been done.

He reached the dead end when he heard the group behind him. He turned towards them, his face illuminated suddenly by their torchlights, not far off. His handsome, dark features seemed to be cut by the exhaustion and sudden fear he felt. He turned again and ran towards the dead end at full speed.

He launched himself at the brick wall, jumped off, landed on a nearby garbage receptacle, jumped off of that, and grabbed the edge of the wall; he pulled himself up from there, swung his body over, and hung onto the oposite edge.

Angered voices came into audience within seconds of Adam's stunt.

"-Over there?!" yelled a male voice. There was the sound of running feet, at least ten, and other men's voices.

"He's gotten away from us!" cried another.

"Back to the Hall, then, help with extinguishing and evacuating," said a calmer man.

The other men agreed, and Adam heard them as they ran towards the City Hall, away from Adam and where he clung to the wall.

His arms burned, but Adam knew that one man remained behind. If he let go, he would make a noise when he hit the floor; it was a 12 foot drop, and he was 5' 7''.

Adam closed his eyes and, as he concentrated, heard a shuffle of shoes upon pavement.

Finally, after minutes passed, he looked down, looked up, looked down again, and then let go, pushing himself so he would face away from the wall.

Adam landed on bent toes, went into a roll to reduce the sound, and got up running. He didn't hear anyone in pursuit, but he did not stop.

Realising quickly that he would be illuminated by the streetlamps, Adam grabbed an empty trashcan from the alley, turned it upside down, and held it at waist height. When he rounded the turn, he saw three men turning down the street, not yet all the way.

Adam swung the trashcan up, directly over his head, and he crouched down quickly. He disappeared into the trashcan.

The men passed by, and Adam threw the trashcan off of himself and ran to his apartment.

The End

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