All Wrong - Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - Praise

  Lars sat in the chapel. He had never been inside one before up until now. Though, he was in this chapel for a reason he never thought he would be. ‘You okay?’ he asked Jemony.
‘Yeah, I’m fine. A bit shaken but fine. We weren’t meant to do that, you know?! We have messed up time as we know it. The future is going to be so confused now that we did that.’
‘It’s what she wanted. Her final wish.’ Lars replied. ‘Respect that.’
Jemony just bowed her head.
‘I don’t know why you guys are so upset.’ Stella said from behind them. ‘It’s not like I’ve died or anything. It was only a little memory charm, I think.’
  Lars turned and laughed. ‘Well, you almost did.’
‘Yeah, that’s what the doctors told me. The last thing I remember is being in Xia’s car and on the way to school in September.’
‘But you know who we are?’ Jemony was confused.
‘Yeah, you came to visit me every day. Course I’d recognise your faces if I saw them every day, Jemony isn’t it?’ Stella sat down next to her.
‘Right, so you don’t know anything about us?’ Lars questioned.
‘No, should I?’ Stella peered round Jemony to look at him. ‘Well, I know your name is Lars and that you are very good looking but that’s about it.’
‘Good.’ Lars laughed. This was going to be that start of a beautiful friendship.

The End

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