All Wrong - Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Wrong

  Stella walked slowly out of the shadows, her brother following her along with many other Hunters, including Deri. From the other side of the clearing, Lars’ face lit up. She was safe. He felt like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders.
‘I’m guessing you do mean me, as you haven’t said no.’ Stella stepped forward. Her brother stepped forward behind her but she gave her hand a little wave as if to say ‘this is my job’. ‘And, I’m also guessing that Tony knows who am I, seeing as we are at the same bloody school and he was one of my mates.’
  Anna smiled. ’You know a lot for a blonde.’  
‘I think I’ll take that as a compliment but this is no time for that now.’ Stella drew out her wand, just in case. She didn’t know what to expect from this Linus. Mind you, she hadn’t known what to expect from Lars and Jemony.
Lars then decided to speak up. ‘Why are you here Anna? Is it to hurt me? Well, don’t bother. You are not going to hurt anyone I care about.’
‘Oh, I really wasn’t planning on hurting anyone at the moment. But soon, someone will get hurt and it won’t be me,’ Anna replied with such certainty.
‘How can you be so sure?’ Stella asked. ‘After all, there are more of us then there are of you,’ she said whilst looking around. Hopefully Stella could get Anna to stop and go.
Anna ignored Stella completely and kept her gaze on Lars. ‘You’re the one who changed me and made into what I am today. You’re the one who left me. You’re the one not able to keep a secret for long. You’re the one that’s going to get hurt. But this time it won’t be physical.’ Anna pointed her wand in Stella’s direction.
Lars gave her a glare. ‘You wouldn’t dare. You don’t have that in you to hurt anyone. I should know, otherwise you would have died that day. You choose not to die and that meant that you have a choice of who you become to fit in. This is not what you choose in the 1960’s. This is the opposite of what you choose. I think you’ll find that there is no way that you could hurt anyone. You couldn’t when you were human, and you can’t now as a Linus.’
‘My brother is right, Anna,’ Jem cut in. ‘We know you and there is no way you can do it.’
‘Wanna bet?!’ Anna screamed before a flame came out of her wand and headed straight for Stella.
Lawrence tried to jump out infront of Stella before the flame hit her but he was too late. Stella got thrown back and was caught by Marcy and Mags so her fall wasn’t too bad.
  Anna began to laugh. Lars jumped on her and started to attack her. He didn’t care that she was a girl, he was going to kill her. The only way to kill a Linus was to slit their throat. Lars lifted up his hand to do this but a hand caught his. It was Jemony’s.
‘Lars, please don’t become angry. Become helpful. Go to Stella. She needs you.’ Jem sounded upset and calm at the same time. Jem had grown to like Stella.
  Lawrence was already at Stella and talking to her. ‘It’ll be okay sis. Remember, we need to go skiing and mountain climbing. You’ve always wanted to do that, ever since you were a little girl. And what about Tabby. He’ll never forgive you if you don’t feed him today. You know how grumpy he gets. We need you Stella. I need you. Mum needs you. Lars needs you. Please, just don’t go yet.’ Tears were trickling down his face. Deri slowly put a hand on his shoulder. Laurie looked up at her and gave a little smile.
  By this time, Lars had reached them. Lars knelt down next to Laurie. ‘How is she?’ he asked.
‘Weak, very weak. Thank you.’
‘For what?’
‘Looking after her when I wasn’t there.’ Laurie smiled at Lars before getting up and leaving Lars with Stella.
‘Lars?’ Stella whispered.
‘Save your breath, Hunny. Everything will be okay.’ Lars whispered back. She looked in pain. ‘I want to save you from your pain. Why can’t I do that?’
‘No, Lars. I want to go now. I want to go to sleep.’ Her eyes started to close.
‘Stella. You have to stay awake for me. Can you do that?’ Lars was beginning to get anxious.
‘I can’t. I just can’t.’ Her eyes then dropped…
The End

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