All Wrong - Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - Weird

  Lars turned the corner only to find a fat, ginger cat. It was clawing away at the door, as if it was trying to get in. Lars laughed to himself. Cats. Stupid animals.
‘I am not stupid, thank you,’ came a voice.
  Lars turned around. ‘Who’s there? I’m armed.’
‘No, you’re not,’ came the voice again.
  Lars didn’t understand. Was it a ghost or someone being invisible? He couldn’t tell. But there was defiantly something or someone there.
‘I’m right in front of you, you idiot. I’m not a person or a ghost either. Honestly and you called me stupid!’
Lars looked round.
‘Down,’ the voice came with a sigh.
  He looked and saw the cat. ‘You?’
‘Yes, me. Who else?! Both Marisa and Steven have left me. Lawrence is goodness knows where and Stella, well, she always was a dreamer.’
‘Hold on,’ Lars shook his head in disbelief. ‘You know Stella?’
The cat lay on the floor. ‘Know her? I’ve lived with her ever since she was born. I think I know her pretty well.’ The fat ginger cat turned over onto its back. ‘How do you know her?’
‘School,’ Lars replied. He couldn’t believe that he was talking to a cat. ‘So you have any idea where she is? I need to find her now.’ Every so often, Lars would glance around to see if anyone saw him talking to a cat.
‘Is your name Lars by any chance?’ The ginger cat looked at him with big brown eyes.
‘Yeah, how do you know that? Hang on, she’s here isn’t she?’
  Tabby, the cat, turned his head away. ‘No.’ Tabby paused. ‘Okay, she’s here and before you think of using your magic to get in, don’t bother. Steven put a spell on the house so that nothing magical could harm it.’
‘Oh, I wasn’t planning on using magic,’ Lars smiled slightly. ‘And, by the way, thanks for this. I think you’ll be seeing me a lot more.’
  Tabby turned and started to walk off, ‘I hope not.’
  Lars laughed to himself. He talked to a creature that was not human or Linus, something was weird today. It happened to be a Thursday, his favourite day of the week. Not even his sister knows why, Lars keeps that to himself.
  The back door, that Tabby was scratching it, had no lock. ‘I wonder.’ Lars walked over to the door and pushed it slightly. It opened. ‘Wow’, he thought. ‘Thanks cat.’ He pushed it open a little bit more and slipped inside. He found himself in the kitchen. It hadn’t been used for a while, anyone could notice that but Lars noticed something else. There was a note on the fridge, and that was it. No magnets or pictures, just a note. Lars took it off the fridge. It said:

Hey Sis,
If you are reading this then you are home for spring break, we really need to talk.
I’m sorry for what I did to Dad. I didn’t mean it or anything I said to Mum that day. I don’t know what came over me. I guess I’m at that stage in my life where I need to go out in the world and get my own life. If you ever need me, look for the Hunters and explain to them that you know me and they will take you to me. Don’t worry, I’m not their prisoner or anything. They really are nice people, ask for me or Deri. Deri knows and she will look after you if I’m not around.
I love you lil’ sis

  Then it clicked. Stella had gone to see Laurie. Why on earth hadn’t he thought of that?! For someone with years of knowledge Lars could be such an idiot sometimes. Almost immediately, Lars drew out his wand and then disappeared in his teal smoke. ‘Jem, I’m going to find Stella,’ Lars sent to his sister.
‘Alright but be careful. The time is near, it may be today. Tread safely my brother,’ Jem replied.
The End

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