All Wrong - Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Where?

  Lars left the beach with a pain that he had never felt before. He felt like there was something missing, a hole in his heart. Where had Stella gone? He thought about all the places she had talked about and went there straight away. There was one place he had left until last. Her house. She had talked about it often enough and he practically knew his way around.
  It was dark by the time Lars arrived at her house. It looked different to the way he imagined it. Stella had always described it as being a place that was full of endless happiness and laughter but now… it was nothing but a house. A house that stood there with no-thing to lean on.
  Lars heard some banging from the house opposite but ignored it. All his focus was on the house infront of him. He wanted to walk forward, up the garden path, but couldn’t find the strength to. He wanted to feel as if Stella was in there waiting, waiting for him to find her.
  It was hopeless. His search was hopeless. Before now, Lars had felt that he was meant to be a Linus for something and he had thought that Stella was that something but now… it all seemed faded.
  Something ginger caught his eye. A tail disappeared round a corner. Lars crouched down on the ground and looked closely. It looked like a cats tail. Stella said she had a cat but didn’t mention anything else about it. Could this be hers? Lars decided to follow it round the corner.
The End

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