All Wrong - Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Tales

  Stella walked over to him and sat beside him. ‘We may be here a while,’ she explained.
Laurie shrugged. ‘It’s not like there’s no time in the world. I want to hear it all and I will tell you everything as well.’
Stella smiled. ‘Fine.’ She made herself comfortable. Stella never really liked talking about her feelings, she was so much like her father. Though she was ready to say everything, she had a feeling inside her that held her back. She opened her mouth to begin but no sound came out. She tried again. Nothing. Her voice had left her for once in her life.
‘I just…’ She couldn’t say anymore. Her throat just gave up. ’How about you start?’ she said, She wanted to hear his accounts first.
’Fine,’ he sighed. Laurie knew how Stella could get with her emotions.  He lay back on the sofa.
‘Well, after I tried to speak to you, I kind of gave up,’ he sighed. ‘I really didn’t know what to do or where to go. I started to wander these woods, as it’s quite close to school.’ He smiled. ‘The good old days. Anyway, I sat against a tree not far from here. In fact, I sat there for several hours until someone noticed me. That someone was Deri. She was on duty, as you could call it, and found me. I was hungry and tired. To tell you the truth I didn’t care who she was at that moment in time. Deri tired to make me scared of her but it didn’t work. You know how easily scared I am,’ Laurie said sarcastically.
  He sighed again. ‘Deri has been my best friend ever since. These guys aren’t that bad, you know. Because Deri brought me in, they kind of warmed to me as Deri is liked by everyone. She knows what’s happened. In fact, she knows most things about me actually. She understands me like you do.’ Laurie felt his face go red and hung his head.
  Stella couldn’t help but laugh. She had never seen Laurie more embarrassed in her life. But then she stopped and sighed. She was embarrassed to tell people about Lars. In this way, these two were the same. ‘I know how you feel about her Laurie,’ Stella said softly. ‘It’s in your eyes. Whenever you talk about her or are near her, you just look in love. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like with me and Lars.’ She stopped abruptly. Stella had forgotten that she hadn’t told Laurie about Lars.
  ‘Whoa! Slow down there, sis. Who’s Lars?’ As he said this he shot up and stared at Stella. He had never had his sister talk about other boys apart from their Dad and her best mate, Tony who had now left Gwydion.
  ‘My boyfriend,’ she whispered so low that Laurie could hardly hear her. Unfortunately, he did.  
  ‘Boyfriend?!’ Laurie sounded more shocked than anything. ‘Do tell.’
  ‘But you haven’t finished yet!’ Stella protested. Anything to get out of saying about it. She could feel herself going as red as Laurie had turned just a moment before.
  ‘You’re not going to wriggle your way out of this one, Stel. Come on, just tell me and then I’ll carry on.’ Laurie grinned at her, trying to make her laugh.
  Stella tried to turn the other way and keep a straight face but she couldn’t. she knew that behind her, Lawrence was smiling. ’Alright, alright,’ she gave up and turned to face him again.  ‘Lars is my boyfriend,’ she spoke so seriously. ‘He has been for a while now. He has a twin sister, Jemony, and we’re good friends. That’s it, now carry on.’ She looked at her brother pleadingly. She hadn’t seen him in such a long time and wanted to hear everything that he had to say. Even though, she ignored him all the other times that he tried to talk to her.
  ‘I can’t believe you have a boyfriend,’ Lawrence sounded shocked. ‘I never thought that you would ever get a boyfriend at Gwydion. You always said that the boys were jerks.’
  ‘They are,’ Stella explained. ‘Lars started this year. I’m not sure where he was before but that doesn’t matter. Just carry on Laurie, otherwise I’ll start teasing you about Deri.’ She smirked. ‘Two can play at that game.’
  ‘Fine , have it your way. Anyway, Deri and I kept going on walks and she learned more about me everyday. I think everybody knows how I feel about Deri, except Deri herself. And now you’re here. Not much happened. Now you tell me your story. Tell me what happened after I left.’
The End

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