All Wrong - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Finding the Lost

Stella felt herself being taken down some stairs. A lot of stairs. Three sets of footsteps was all she could hear. Marcella and Margret had only said a few words to each other but Stella could sense their presence and feelings. Her feeling were different to theirs. She was terrified and had never been so scared in her life. All she wanted to do was to find Laurie and then get out of there.
She then found herself being stopped. ‘We’re here darling,’ Marcella whispered. The blind fold was then removed from her head. Stella had to blink several times before getting used to the light in the room. The room was big and spacious.
  In the far corner was a piano, it looked hundreds of years old. It seemed to be the most used thing in the room. Against each wall was either a sofa or an armchair. All of them looked old and shabby, as if they were from the 1930’s, they probably were. A book shelf was situated in the left corner. It was overflowing with books, from all the ages. There was two other people in the room. Rendet George was sat in the corner nearest to the entrance and Derithia Gryog was sat opposite. Deri looked up as they walked in.
‘What have you got now, Marcy?’ She laughed. But when she saw Stella, she froze. She recognised those eyes. The bright blue eyes that shone no matter what. She got up. ‘Be back in a second.’ Deri quickly ran out the room into another.
  Margret shrugged. ‘Right, now little girl, tell us your name.’ Her eyes staring at Stella as if she were the next victim. ‘Don’t be scared. There’s no need to be. We wont do anything to you yet.’
Stella swallowed. ‘I want to see someone.’ Her voice was small. It squeaked.
‘Oh and who might that be dear?’ Marcella asked in her gentle yet scary voice.
Stella swallowed again. ‘My brother.’ Her voice this time was her normal voice.
Marcella looked at Margret confused. ‘I highly doubt your brother would be here, dear, unless he’s one of us. Ren? Do you have a sister?’
Rendet looked up from his book. ‘No, Laurie might, though he’s never mentioned her.’ Stella looked up at her brothers name but none of them realised that she moved at all.
The door from the other room burst open. Deri ran through dragging someone with her. ‘Deri, why are you taking me here?’ The man’s voice was familiar but rougher than Stella remembered it to be. He was laughing. ‘Deri, you..’ He stopped and saw Stella. He blinked several times. ‘Stella?’
‘Laurie?’ She took a step forward. ‘You haven’t changed a bit.’
Laurie smiled and walked towards her. She wrapped her arms round his neck and Laurie hugged her round the waist. He lifted her up. Deri smiled at them. She knew how much this meant to Laurie.
‘Whoa, back up, rewind.’ Marcella stepped forward. ‘You have a sister?! How come you never said anything? If we had known…’
‘Yeah,’ Margret joined in. ‘We never would have brought her here.’
Laurie put down Stella. ‘No, I want to thank you guys. If you hadn’t have brought her here, I never would have seen her.’ He looked down at Stella. ‘Why are you here?’
‘I need to speak to you,’ she said simply. ‘The only way I could get here is if I got captured or found it myself. I knew there was no way I was going to find this place, which needs a tidy up by the way. To get taken here was the only way.’
Laurie laughed. ‘Yes this place does need a tidy up but you’re still the same, always thinking things out. So now you know where I live, I’d like you to meet a few of my friends.’ He pointed to Margret and then moved his hand towards Marcella. ‘That’s Mags and Marcy. They’re nice really, trust me. Ren’s sitting in the corner.’ Ren gave a little wave. ‘And this is Deri.’ Deri stepped forward and smiled at Stella. Her smile was comforting. She didn’t look like the sort of person that should be there.
  Deri held out her hand. ‘I finally meet the women of Laurie’s life.’ She smiled at him. She had lovely blonde hair, a little lighter than Stella’s and her eyes a softer blue, but Stella thought she was beautiful. By the way Laurie looked at her, Stella could tell he liked her, as more than a friend.
Stella shook her hand. ‘Pleased to meet you.’
‘Come on,’ Laurie said. ‘Let’s go and talk in the other room.’ He started to walk through the door.
‘Nice to meet you, Stella,’ Deri said before Stella herself walked through the door. When Stella got through the door, Laurie was sitting on a sofa and he said, ‘Tell me everything.’
The End

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