All Wrong - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Needs

  Stella had arrived at the edge of the forest. He was in there somewhere. He had to be. She didn’t know where else to look. The Hunters part of the forest was where she stood. She knew it in her heart that he was there, waiting for her, to talk. She had to talk to him, no matter how much she hated him.
  She took one step forward, then stopped. Did she really have the guts to go in there alone? Yes, of course she did. After all, she is her fathers daughter. She knew what her father would do. Even now, she could hear his voice.
‘Go on Stella,’ he would say. ‘You must talk to him, forgive him but never forget me. You are my girl and you do what you must to protect the memory of me.’
Stella then heard her mother. ‘Your father is right, Stella. Although he has caused pain and suffering, he is still our Laurie, he always will be. Remember that, darling. Remember that he will always be ours.’
  She shook her head. ‘I know,’ she said out loud. ‘It’s just hard.’ She sighed. Now she was talking to herself. Where could he be? She looked behind her. Nothing. Behind her was a field. It looked so beautiful among all these dreary trees and bushes. This gave her a bit of hope, that even somewhere horrible, there was always something beautiful. She turned back round and saw two piercing eyes staring at her from a distance. Stella backed up. She quickly turned only to find her self face to face with a women. A beautiful women at that. She had long dark hair and piercing grey eyes. Stella recognised the face. Marcella Galoris.
‘Hello there, my darling.’ Marcella smiled but in a way that was scary. ‘What are you doing here all by yourself?’ When she talked, her voice seemed as if it could trance any being, living or dead.
Stella couldn’t say anything, she was too scared.
‘Lost your tongue? Oh what a shame. Mags! It seems we have a visitor.’ Marcella smiled again. She never took her eyes off of Stella’s scared face.
  Margret Fenir was a little shorter than Marcella but she still had that fearsome look about her. Her hair was short and shocking red. Her eyes had a musky look about them. It was as if you could see the eyes of her victims within them.
‘So we have, Marcy.’ Her voice was soft but the way she spoke made it seem as if she was about to go for the kill. ‘I think we should take her somewhere safe, so that she doesn’t get hurt out here on her own.’ She smiled mischievously.
‘This is my way in,’ Stella thought. She kept her mouth shut. She was afraid to say anything but she wanted to say that her brother was their friend. ‘I have to get in there somehow and if this is my only way then I have to go.’ She blinked several times, waiting.
Marcella grabbed Stella’s arm. Stella then felt Margret go round the back of her. A blind fold was placed over her eyes. ‘Just so you don’t know where you’re going dear,’ Marcella’s voice said. Stella had never been so scared in her life. Then she walked where she was being taken to, where ever that may be.
The End

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