All Wrong - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Unlucky for Some

  ‘Opps.’ Stella was on the sea floor. Luckily they were in shallow water. She laughed and picked herself up. Her trousers were wet through. ‘Great!’ She walked out the water and clicked her fingers. Her clothes became dry. ‘I love being a witch,’ she said to herself. Stella turned round to see where Lars was.
  Lars had followed her out of the water. He too was wet through. Stella had to laugh. Lars looked so ridiculous when he was wet. ’Alright, I know I look funny okay.’ He sighed and quickly got dry. He smiled and walked back over to the picnic. He knew things had to get better. Although he needed to keep secrets, he felt as if it would never work without the truth.
  Stella was already sat down next to the muffins. She too knew that somehow it would never work. She so desperately wanted it to work. When Lars came over, she smiled, though she wasn’t inside. She lay back and stared at the sky.
‘I want to give you something,’ Lars’ voice came from the other side of the blanket. Stella sat up and looked puzzled. She was a little surprised by this. What more could he give her? He took a deep breath. Lars reached into his pocket and got out something. He opened his hand and produced a necklace with a tooth on it. He placed it in her hand. ‘For you. I’ll be back soon.’ Before Stella could say anything, Lars ran and ran. He couldn’t and wouldn’t stop.
  Stella studied the necklace carefully. She figured that the tooth belonged to a vampire. Quickly, she put it on before leaving the lovely beach. She knew something was up with Lars. It was the October 13th, her brothers birthday. She left a note in the sand saying:

Gone back, I’m sorry but I need some time alone
Stay away for a while, you deserve better than me
I love you

  Stella lay down the necklace by his name. though it pained her, she needed time to think, to sort her self out. Her feelings were confused and she didn’t know what to do. All she needed to do was be alone. She closed her eyes and disappeared. Her footprints still in the sand.
  Arriving back at Gwydion, she ran to her dorm. Stella knew the next few days would be tough. Sorting out feelings would be tough. Closing the door behind her, she realised something. She needed to talk to someone and that someone needed her to. As fast as she could, she ran down the stairs and out the front doors. She was just about to leave, when she heard her name being shouted. She turned and found Lars walking towards her. Turning around again, she disappeared in her orange smoke trying not to cry. Lars had reached the bottom of the steps as she disappeared. He sighed and walked back to the castle. He had no idea where she had gone.
The End

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