All Wrong - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Lies

  Lars knew it to be true. Jem was right. He had to do it but he didn’t want it to effect the way he acted around Stella. He just wanted to forget about it until the day came. He looked at his hands but when he looked up, Jemony was not there. Lars looked over at Stella and saw that Jemony was sitting next to her talking.
’I better leave them to it,’ he thought.  
  This was a good idea. He did not want to know what they were talking about. Jemony had gone over to Stella to warn her.
‘Right okay. I just wanna tell you mainly to be careful okay? We are really dangerous and I don’t think Lars would be very happy if you were hurt in anyway.’ Jemony was talking quietly so that Lars couldn’t hear her.
‘Okay, I understand.’ Stella was listening carefully.
‘I’m also warning you. If you do anything to harm this secret or do anything to harm my brother I will cause you greater pain than what you have ever experienced and will EVER experience in your whole life. Get it.’
  Stella looked at Jemony. ’I understand where you’re coming from. I think it’s going to be difficult for you. You and Lars have been like two peas in a pod for a long time and I understand if you feel uncomfortable with me hanging around. I really want us to get along, for Lars’ sake as well as ours.’
  She pursed her lips, ‘Can we be civil?’
‘If it makes you happy, that’s fine.’
‘Good.‘ She smiled, she gritted her teeth, ‘Look I have nothing against you. It's just I’m a bit jealous.’
‘It's alright. I was jealous when my brother got a girlfriend. We were close, like you two are. I lost him but I'm not going to let that happen to you two.’
‘No it’s not that,’ Jem tried to explain. ‘I’m jealous of him because he can love, and he can forgive himself and I’m jealous of you because you're human, and also you can feel love I cant.’ She was nearly crying. ‘Its hard for me to express any emotion that’s why I come across as arrogant.’
‘Oh, Jem, it’s okay.’ Stella didn’t know what to do.
  Jemony quickly wiped her eyes. ‘Yeah, so the main message is be careful.’ she got up and walked over to Lars. ‘Even though this is so totally Larish and I can not do anything to stop it, I love you and I’m glad that you’re happy but what ever you do, do not tell her anything. I know it will hurt you but don’t tell her.’ Jem hugged her brother before disappearing. Lars smiled and walked over to Stella.
  ‘What did she say to you?’ he asked as he approached.
  ‘Just to be careful and to be ‘civil’. What did she say to you?’ Stella asked Lars. She smiled as she said civil.
  ‘To be careful as well and that she’s happy for me for once.’
  Even though Stella felt okay with this, she felt as if there was something Lars wasn’t telling her. A million things raced through her mind. Should she tell him about her brother now? Should she tell him that she was half werewolf? There were a million things she wanted to say but she just couldn’t. She couldn’t say anything.
‘This is going to sound so random but Stella, will you dance with me?’
  Stella laughed. ’Random but okay.’
  Lars got up and took her hand. She got up and was dragged to the ocean.  Lars bowed before her. ‘May I have this dance?’
  ‘Of course, sire,’ she replied curtseying and laughing.
  Lars took her hands and they started to dance among the waves. A million things raced through his mind. Should he tell her about what was going to happen? Should he say something now or later? He felt as if she was hiding something from him. He was right of course but some of it needed to stay secret.
The End

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