All Wrong - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Surprises

    ‘Hey Mum,’ Stella said softly as she entered the room but when she looked up, she scowled. Sitting next to her mother’s bed was the person she did not want to see at the moment. The person lifted their head. It was Lawrence James Stebbing. ‘Get out,’ was all the Stella said.
‘Look Stel, we need to talk,’ Laurie began.
‘No, Laurie we don’t need to do anything. And why are you here? You’re the one who did this, it’s all your fault,’ she began to shout. ‘You’ve come here to sit by our mother’s bed and be sad, yet you haven’t been here through everything. You, you, ran away like a child. I was the one who had to do everything. I looked after Mum before this happened because you were too bloody scared to face her and yet you’re here now probably praying for her forgiveness but it’s not her’s that you need.’ Stella started to cry and ran out the room and out the hospital.
  Laurie sat there by his mother. A tear trickled out his eye. All the Stella had said was true. He was a coward. He got up and left. As he walked out the hospital he saw Stella on a bench bawling her eyes out. She looked up and saw him. ’Go join the Hunters! It’s where you belong, you filthy murder!’ Stella ran as fast as she could. She had no idea where she was going. She just needed to be with someone and that someone came to her.  


  Lars walked out the main doors to the school. Stella was not there. He sighed. He knew it was because her wasn’t there. ’Shit,’ he thought. ’If I was Stella where would I go?’ as he did not know about Marisa, Stella’s Mum, he didn’t even think about the hospital. ’If I were Stella, I’d go for a walk.’ So he set off, not knowing he was going to find her sooner than he thought.


  Stella slowed down. She was well away from the hospital now. Her eyes were still full with tears. A stitch  came to her side. She had to stop and sit down. A bench lay not far from where she was. She sat there with her head in her hands. How dare he go there and pretend like nothing had happened, although that is what Stella would have wanted that. For nothing to have happened.
  She heard footsteps behind her. If it was Laurie she would kill him then and there and not listen to anything he says. ’Who’s there?’ she called through her tears. ’I warn you I’m armed.’ Even though she wasn’t.
’I’m armed as well,’ came a voice through the darkness, a voice that Stella recognized.
‘Lars? Is that you?’ she turned round and saw his face. Quickly she ran round to him and flung her arms round his neck and cried on his shoulder.
‘Stella? Hunny, what’s wrong?’ Lars asked, as he stroked her hair. ’Who has upset you? I promise I will get them.’
  Stella suddenly looked him in the face. ’You can’t get them. I won’t allow it, after all he is family.’ This made her tears come streaming out more than before.
‘Hey, hey, shhh. It’s okay, everything will be fine,’ Lars tried to stop her crying. ‘I hate to see you cry. Please don’t.’ Lars cradled Stella in his arms until she stopped crying. ‘There now, it’ll be okay.’ He lightly kissed the top of her head.
  Her eyes were all red and itchy. Stella let go of Lars and smiled at him. ‘Thank you, you are the one person I needed and you came.’
‘I’d do anything for you, darling,’ he replied smiling at her. ‘Can I take you somewhere?’
  Stella looked at him suspiciously. ‘Alright, I trust you.’
  Lars took her hand and said, ‘Ready?’
‘Ready,’ she replied. A strange tingly feeling started to go in her stomach. It was a feeling she had never felt before. She closed her eyes. She wanted it to be amazing when she opened them. Stella felt herself be pulled as they travelled.
‘Open your eyes Stella. We’re here.’ Lars smiled at her as she opened them.
‘Whoa,’ she breathed.
The End

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