All Wrong - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Secrets

  As Lars had no shown up, Stella decided to go and visit her mother. She did not wish to sit around waiting for ages, although she would have if she could. Smiling, she walked into the hospital. Nothing could spoil her mood. Nothing in the world. She asked the lady at the desk if she could see her mother but couldn’t as the doctor was with her, so she sat down and waited until she could go through.
  A pile of magazines lay on a table in the middle of the room. Stella got one before going to sit down. She opened it at the page that had the title, Secrets.


Have you got a secret that you want to get off your chest? Tell it to the world.

I have a secret! I have a big spot on my butt and it won’t go away

I love skittles but my friends think I hate them

I want to be a girl

I have a massive secret! I have no parents and yet nobody knows, but now they do because I’ve just told them

I am pregnant

I think I love a girl called Stella. She has been my friend ever since I first started my new school. At first I thought these feelings were just of friendship but now I realise they are much more. I know we can never be together but I will love her ‘til the day I die properly.

  Stella looked up from the magazine. She sat there for several minutes and thought. Did he really? Why the hell had he put it in a magazine instead of just telling her? What was so special about her? She never thought that anyone could ever like her like her, just like her. A million thoughts raced through her head.
  Her thoughts were stopped by a nurse saying that she could go through and see her mother. Stella rolled up the magazine and put it in her bag. She needed to think this through.
The End

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