All Wrong - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Starting Again

  Footsteps. This is what Stella heard behind her as she lay on the ground. She lay still. Hopefully they wouldn’t notice her.
‘Stella?’ She recognised the voice. It was Lars. ‘What does he want now?’ she thought. ‘Stella, can we talk?’ he sat down beside her but didn’t look at her.
‘Sure, whatever.’ She didn’t look at him either.
‘Look I know what I told you came as a shock and I know that calling my sister names wasn’t exactly the smartest move ever but I want us to get along. I feel as if I’ve known you for such a long time though it’s only been a few hours. I want our friendship to last, you know.’ He paused and took a deep breath. ‘You seem like a nice girl and everything. I want to get to know you better and confide in you about everything but I can’t. I also want you to confide in me and believe that we can be friends.’ He stopped. He didn’t want to get to carried away.
  Stella smiled. He was talking a load of gibberish that made sense. Well to her anyway. ‘Lars,’ she began. She tried to think of what to say. ‘Lars,’ she started again. ‘I want us to become friends but we both have secrets and that’s no way to start a relationship. I appreciate you telling me that you’re a Linus but there are other things I don’t know and you don’t know things about me. I also feel as if I’ve known you for ages. Its like you’ve been in a dream, then that dream becomes a reality. Take that as a compliment. They’re rare.’ She laughed. ‘I want to know more about you but I also want to find out more about me. I lost myself this summer. In fact I lost a lot of things.’ She stopped.
  He finally looked at her. Her big blue eyes were near to tears. Lars couldn’t help but think about her and wondering what had happened that summer. ‘I better not ask her now’ he thought. Now didn’t seem the right time. She quickly wiped her eyes and sniffed. ‘Anyway,’ she continued. ‘I’d really like us to be friends and just act normal, as if we never had any conversation at all. This one and the one in Non-magical Being Studies. Please.’ She looked at him. Her eyes were still wet from the few tears that sprouted from them. A small smile had crept onto her face. Lars couldn’t help but smile back. There was something about her that made him smile.
‘I’d like that too,’ he said still smiling.
‘Good.’ she got up and walked a little way away from him. She stopped and turned round to face him. ‘Get up,’ she called. Lars looked at Stella puzzled. What was she going to do? He got up anyway.
  She started to walk towards him. When she got to him, she held out her hand. ‘Hey, I’m Stella.’ She smiled.
  He smiled back and took her hand. ‘Lars, pleased to meet you.’
‘What do you think of the school so far?’
‘It’s alright I guess.’
  They carried on like this for an hour. Talking like normal people, like friends. As if nothing had happened a few hours ago. It was starting to get dark now. The moon was in the sky. It shone bright. The stars, like little fireflies, sparkled above them. Now that Stella knew more about the person Lars was and how everything, his experiences and his sister, changed his whole life. Lars also knew a lot more about Stella and the kind of person she was.
  Stella looked at her watch. It was nearly 10 O’clock. They had sat there for three hours now. She was starting to get tired. Then she remembered. Her mum. She had to go and see her. Her eyes grew wide. How could she forget!? She quickly shot up.
‘Lars, I got to go.’
‘There’s just somewhere I need to be.’ She stood up.
   He stood up as well. Stella tried to walk away but Lars grabbed her hand. ‘At least let me take you there.’
‘No.’ She took her hand away. ‘I need to go there on my own. Goodbye. I’ll see you tomorrow.’ She gave him a quick hug before disappearing in her orange smoke. Lars stood there. He was so desperate to know where she went but he knew that would be interfering with her life and would possibly make her hate him. He sighed and walked back to the castle. He was going to find out where she was but he didn’t know it yet.
The End

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