All Wrong - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Learning

  A burst of noise came through the door. Stella opened her eyes. Kacey, Xia, Jo and Keely all walked in giggling. Stella sighed and closed her eyes again. She didn’t need all this noise at the moment. She was trying to think of what her last lesson had been like. Learning about Lars, who he really was. She suddenly jumped up.
‘Hey Stella,’ Jo saw her jump up. ‘Kacey says you were getting friendly with the new guy.’
‘No, not really. I don’t particularly like him. Look guys I need to find out something.’ She rushed out the room. The others stared after her and smiled. They knew her too well. If Stella wanted to find out something, she had to do it right away, no hesitation at all.
  Stella ran down the flight of stairs. When she reached the bottom she bumped into Jemony. ‘Hey Jemony,’ she said pretending as if nothing had happened. Jemony’s eyes were red.
‘Hey,’ she replied before walking up the stairs herself.
  She looked after Jemony. She wanted to run after her and ask if she was okay but she didn’t. She looked at her feet. She carried on walking until she entered the library.
‘Linus, Linus, Linus.’ She ran her finger along the bookshelf. ‘Aha.’ She pulled out a book and looked for the right page. ‘Here we go,’ she said to herself. The double page read:
Name – Linus

Appearance –
Good: Teal Eyes, Naturally dark hair, Pale skin, Red under their fingernails, birthmarks on the back of their hands, in the shape of either a star or a crescent.

Bad: Mauve eyes, Naturally Dark hair, Pale Skin, Green under their fingernails, birthmarks on their necks, in the shape of either a elaborate ‘E’ or the sign of the person they follow who is named Kauvi. And his symbol is a Fang and a sword.

History – The Linus species had been around since 5 A.D. The very first recorded Linus was a man named Zedekiah, who was born in Liechtenstein. He was a man who studied different types of witchcraft, things from black magic to Healing. Then one day one of the many black magic spells backfired. On him and the subject, he was experimenting on, dead of course. The girl woke up from the dead and her eyes that were once blue were a dark mauve colour, he killed her straight away because she attempting to strangle him. No one knows how he killed her, and this has been a problem for many years. Due to there being evil among the Linus. The next morning Zedekiah woke, and in a small fraction of a mirror, he saw his once dark brown eyes were bright teal. And he did not feel the same death hungry feeling, as the girl must have done. But instead, he wanted to help those in need.
The Linus still live on, and they walk among humans without being detected.

Characteristics and what Linus actually are –

Good: The good Linus want to help the lost spirits in the world. And the way Linus ‘re-produce’ another Linus is not by the human way of ‘Sexual interaction’. They breath the soul out of the victim, the process is not painful. And not considered Evil due to they only do this to those who are near to death.

Bad: The bad Linus on the other hand. Only think of Greed. They strongly believe in the way of Kauvi, which was that all Linus are superior and no other creature, human, should be shown compassion. They give the choice to the victim on whether the want to die or live. If its death the victim chooses, then the Linus will breath the Life out of the Victim. If they chose to Live as a Linus then they breathe on half the life.

Also know As -

Good: Heroes, angels, Kissing Life.

Bad: Life Leeches, Half Life’s, Kissers of Death.

  She stopped reading. Lars was a Linus. ‘He must be a good one,’ she thought. ‘His eyes were teal.’ She closed the book and put it back on the shelf. Then she thought, ‘Why was I looking at his eyes?’ She shook herself. The image of Lars popped into her head. ‘No, get out!’ This was not a good sign. She shook her head. She sat down again on the nearest chair. She placed her head on the table and sighed.
‘Now, what was that for?’ a voice said from opposite her. Stella recognised it.
‘Hello, Jerry.’ Stella didn’t lift her head.
  It was Jerry Fielding. She was a tall girl for her age. She had her usual skinny jeans on. ‘How’d you know it was me?’
‘Your voice. What’d you want?’
‘Nothing. I just came here to study. Honestly it’s only the first day and already I’m studying. Its not good.’
  Stella laughed. This was so typically Jerry, to just rant on. She got up. ‘I got to go and find someone Jerry. See you later.’ She quickly left the library. She wanted to get all this information about Linus’ stuck in her head.
  She walked down the front steps. Her head tilted to one side. The sun was setting. She lay on the lawn. The sky was a mixture of red, orange and yellow. The faint line of blue could be seen high above Stella. ‘If only life was this simple,’ she thought. She laughed to herself. Life will never be this simple.
The End

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