All Wrong - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Truth and Trust

  Lars caught up with her. Stella was looking straight ahead. The only thing she was focused on was catching up with the class. She wasn’t going to let some boy, who she had taken a liking to, stop her learning. Or was she? ‘Nah,’ she thought. ‘No way.’ There was this urge from deep inside her to get to know this boy. She didn’t’ know why. She looked sideways at this guy. His long floppy black hair swept across his face whilst his golden eyes were staring at the corridor ahead. He noticed her looking at him with her bright blue eyes and smiled. She quickly turned her head and decided to focus on catching up with the class.
  She stopped walking. Lars stopped abruptly. Stella tilted her head to one side and stared at Lars for a while. She then said, ‘You’re lying.’ She looked at him disappointed.
‘Yeah Sorry’ He felt ashamed. ‘I know a Man of my age should know better.’ He made a face as if he were saying – ‘Did I say too much?’
‘Come on, you’re only my age, so you couldn't have known better.’ Stella didn't notice the face that he'd made. ‘Why did you lie?’
  Lars looked at his hands and blushed slightly. ‘Because I wanted to get to know a bit more about you.’
‘Oh,’ Stella didn’t know what to say. This boy, Lars, had only just met her and wanted to know about her. She was a bit shocked by this. No boy had ever got to know her. She had never gotten close to any boy but her father and brother. This was unusual for her. ‘Well, I want to get to know you as well but I've never missed a lesson.’ She was went and sat cross-legged on the window ledge.
‘I’ve never been to one. I was home schooled for the beginning of my Lon - for most of my life.’ Why did he keep on nearly messing things up? He went and sat next to Stella on the window ledge.
‘Parents well off then?’ She still hadn't noticed the mistakes he was making.
‘Yeah, I guess they were.’
‘If you were home schooled, then why are you here?’ she hesitated. ‘Oh yeah, you’re not allowed to tell me.’
‘Who said?’ His head started to ache insanely He ignored it and sent through his head and said allowed ‘STOP IT JEMONY!’
  Stella blinked a few times before realising what was going on. Jemony was the name of Lars’ sister. How could she be hurting him if she’s not here? Stella finally caught on. Jemony was hurting Lars mentally not physically.
‘Thank you’ He thought and said aloud. ‘Ok If I Tell you will you promise not to breathe a word of it to anyone.’
  Stella jumped off the ledge and walked up to him. ‘Course, you can trust me but are you okay first?’
‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ He could still feel the pain inside his head. ‘Jem’s going to kill Me.’ he thought. He then swept his fingers across his eyes to reveal he was wearing gold contacts, and underneath were bright teal eyes, then he shook his whole body. His skin tone changed from the normal tanned skin to pale skin, the pinkie normal colour from under his fingernails turned red, and he wiped his hand to reveal a star birthmark on his hand. ‘Im a Linus’
  She took a deep breath. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘For being honest with me.’ She gulped. ‘I dont know what to say.’ She slide down and sat on the floor.
‘Something would be helpful, I feel awkward.’ He shook again and he returned to normal. He put his contacts back in and slid to the floor beside Stella.
‘Why?’ Stella said after a while. ‘Why me? Why tell me? Why me of all people? I’m not special.’ She got up and walked over to the window. She needed air to take this in.
‘I dont know.’ He shrugged. ‘I suppose it’s just…you’re kinda cute.’ He looked up at her.
A smile creeped out of Stella now. She turned around and said ‘Thank you.’ Still smiling she looked at the window and saw an owl fly by. She whistled and it came over. She stroked it.
Lars got up. As soon as he did this, his sister, Jemony, appeared infront of him and slapped him round the face. ‘YOU FRIKKIN IDIOT!!’
  He held his face. ‘Yeah Jem that is my face!’
  Stella was stroking the owl but let it fly of when Jemony screamed. She decided to move a far away from this family discussion.
‘WELL, JEMONY I HAPPEN TO TRUST HER! Though that’s quite weird after only about half an hour.’ He thought about this. Why had he told her? ‘Just leave me alone for once.’
‘No, I won’t! You go and talk about us being that and then you wonder why we move schools all the time!’
‘Just go away, you leech.’ Lars put his hand to his mouth. He didn’t mean it.
‘That was uncalled for.’ Jemony ran away crying.
  Stella was against the opposite wall. She could tell Lars had said something awful to his sister. She couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. Stella quickly started to walk away. Lars called after her, ‘Stella! Stella!’
  She didn’t look back if her brother was ever mean to her like that she would have walked off to.
‘Stella, listen.’ Lars was now standing infront of her.
‘Stop it. Just say what you have to say then I am out of here. How dare you say such a horrible thing to your sister.’
‘You don’t understand.’
‘Oh yeah, I don’t because I’m not like you.’ She stormed off and went straight to her dorm and lay on her bed hugging a pillow.

The End

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