All Wrong - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Believe

  Stella gaped at him. Her miss a lesson! She could not believe her ears. He had only known her for a few minutes and he was already asking her if she wanted to skip a lesson with him. ‘What!’ she exclaimed. ‘Are you stupid! Miss a lesson! Do you realise how much trouble we’ll be in! Especially on the first day!’ she paused for a breath.
  Whilst she paused, Lars smiled. Stella saw this and scowled. She turned and started to walk in the direction of the class. Lars sighed and caught up with her. ‘Aww, come on please. I wanna get to know you if I’m gonna be sitting next to you all year.’ She smiled but kept on walking. She noticed that Lars started to slow down. So she hurried up and started talking to Kacey. ‘Hey, Kacey.’ She smiled.
  Kacey smiled back. ‘Hey, I didn’t know you took this class.’
‘No neither did I.’ Stella laughed. ‘What do you think of the new guy?’
  Kacey turned her head to look at Lars who was trailing behind. ‘Dishy, though his hairs a bit of a mess. Why?’
  Stella turned slightly red. ‘Oh no reason.’
  Kacey noticed Stella’s face. ‘You have a crush on him, don’t you?’ she said laughing. ‘Aww that’s cute. Go talk to him.’
‘No way. He already thinks I’m an idiot.’
  Kacey laughed. ‘Surely not. My sister’s taking this class and that’s making me look like an idiot. Just go Stel. It’s not going to kill you. By the way he’s looking at you.’
‘No he’s not, he’s probably looking at someone else.’
‘Nope, it’s defiantly you.’ Kacey laughed again. ‘Honestly, just face it Stel, he likes you.’
Stella blushed scarlet. Did he really like her? Or was Kacey just playing with her? She didn’t know but there was one way to find out. ‘Thanks Kac.’ She slipped backwards to walk beside Lars. She didn’t say anything at first. She didn’t know what to say. Next to her, Lars opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He closed it again. Why, why, why had he opened his mouth in the first place? He looked the other way and saw a corridor and started to walk down it. Stella saw him move out the corner of her eye and turned. She grabbed his arm but quickly let go.
‘You can’t go down there, teacher’s corridor. If any student is caught down there, they are in so much trouble.’
‘I’ll be quick,’ he promised. ‘Please Stella, because you wont skip a lesson with me, can you let me go down here please.’
‘Fine, really quickly.’ She then realised what she said. ‘Damn I give in easily.’ She blinked and saw that Lars was in a different position to where he was a moment ago.
‘There all done.’ He started to walk off. Stella, meanwhile, just stood there. She’d only blinked and yet he’d moved so quickly. ‘Something’s going on here.’ She thought. ‘Hold on.’ She caught up with him and grabbed his arm again but this time she didn’t let go. ‘How’d you do that?’
‘Do what?’ Lars pretended to act innocent.
‘You moved but quickly.’ She let go of his arm.
‘Oh what, like this.’ He smiled. All of a sudden he was behind her. ‘Boo.’ He whispered in her ear.
  She jumped. ‘Yeah, that.’
‘I’ll tell you later.’
  She pretended to go into a mood and folded her arms. She turned round to find the rest of the class had gone. She looked round. Where had they gone? Which way did they go? She couldn’t remember. She swore under her breath. She turned to Lars, who was smirking. ‘Think this is funny. We could get in loads of trouble because you wanted a quick look down the teacher’s corridor.’ She said this without breathing. ‘Life’s too short to miss anything.’
‘My life isn’t,’ he said softly.
  Stella looked puzzled. ‘What?’
‘My life’s over practically.’ He then grabbed his head. A painful headache came to his head. ‘Stop it Jem,’ he said out loud. Stella didn’t know what to do. Should she help him? Or should she just leave him? She decided to leave him. By the way he was reacting obviously meant that he’d had it done before. Well, this was what she thought. She stepped back. Was she meant to interfere?
‘Are you okay?’ she didn’t know what else to say.
  He stood up straight again. ‘Yeah, just a headache.’
  Stella looked at him puzzled. She knew there was more to this guy then he made out. He was special but in what way, she didn’t know. No matter how hard she tried she was going to find out. She needed him to trust her. She liked him, but her feelings were all mixed up.
‘So, do you know which way the class went?’ she asked sarcastically.
‘Yeah,’ Lars lied. ‘They went this way.’ He pointed in the opposite direction to which the class had actually gone. He was a good liar.
  Stella looked at him for a bit and then said, ‘Okay then, I believe you.’
‘Thanks.’ Lars was quite surprised by this. He followed Stella who had already started to walk.
The End

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