All Wrong - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Arrival of Old and New

‘Stella! Stella! Wake up!’ Xia was shaking Stella. ‘We’re here.’
‘Huh?!’ Stella shot up. ‘What?’
  Xia laughed. ‘We’re here, you slept all the way. Dad thought you were dead.’
  The word ‘Dad’ hit Stella hard, remembering that hers had been taken away. She clambered out the car. She blinked as the Sun hit her face. It was a warm day for September. Her trunk was already outside the car and she could see Eric Hampton getting Xia’s trunk out the boot.
‘Thanks, Mr Hampton.’ Stella called as she walked over to her trunk.
‘Don’t worry about it.’ He placed Xia’s trunk beside Stella’s and gave his daughter a big hug. ‘You be good, I don’t want any letters about you this year.’
Xia laughed. ‘Don’t worry Dad. I’ll be a good girl.’
  He then got in the car and drove off. Xia waved as he went. Stella watched Xia and her father and thought, ‘That’d be me if he was still here.’ Her thoughts were interrupting by the loud shouting of Joanna Wells, the pink haired girl who is always hyper, not matter what.
‘Stella! Xia!’ she came bounding over, her long pink hair bouncing up and down as she ran. Stella smiled.
Jo came over to them and gave them both a big hug. ‘Thank god, you’re here! I did tell you about the ball, didn’t I? Anyway, apparently there are loads of new students coming this year, in our year, not just the first years. Then Stella can get a date and everyone else can get a date and that means new friends. I’m always up for making new friends, aren’t you? It’s gonna be fun, great fun.’
  Both Stella and Xia laughed and looked at each other. This was so typically Jo, to just rant on and on.
‘Jo, we’re going to go and put our cases upstairs, okay. Go and find Kacey, she should be here by now.’ Stella said whilst dragging along her case towards the stairs. Xia followed her.
  After their cases were upstairs and everybody had said hello to each other, the Headmaster called everyone to the Main Hall. This was a bit unusual because the Head usually waited until the second day to address the whole school. Stella sat down next to Xia, Jo, Kacey, Fran, MJ, Jerry and Lorena. Stella smiled at everyone before turning to face the front to listen to the Headmaster.
  ‘Welcome back to our former pupils and greeting to our new ones,’ she began. ‘It’s a great pleasure to have you here. I would like to remind of certain rules that are to be followed at all time. Number one, the forest is out of bounds, apart from when it is being used to teach Care of Magical Creatures. Secondly please do not jump into the lake and swim, as we want to avoid drowning and injuries. Thirdly, I will not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, and so on as it harms many people. This year we have a new edition, school lessons will be starting this afternoon, as many students were behind on work last year. We do not want to school to have a bad reputation. You will find your timetables on your beds. Also this year, we are going to hold another ball. I will give you more details nearer the time. As for now, enjoy your lunch and enjoy your lessons. Thank you, you may leave.’
  There was a lot of chat as the hall emptied. Most of them were complaints about lessons starting on the very first day. As everyone made their way up to their dorms, Stella bumped into a few people on the way, including a boy she had never seen before. She did a double take and looked at him. He had dark hair, teal eyes and was quite tall. She looked away and continued to walk. ‘Who is he?’ she wondered.
  She entered the dorm and could see everyone already there. She smiled and walked over to her bed and lifted her timetable. First lesson of the day was Non-Magical Beings Studies. She sighed. This was the most boring lesson ever, considering she knew a lot about it already. Searching in her trunk for her books, Stella came across a family photo. All of them were there, her father, her mother, her brother and her. She quickly placed it back in there; she couldn’t bear looking at it just yet. She got out her book, said bye to the others and made her way down to classroom 54.
  Along the way she bumped into a few people she knew, including Emily Allen, Keely Thornwood, Crimson Darkthorn and Lola Jones. To whom she all said hi and had a chat with them. This meant that she was ten minutes late for her lesson. She took a deep breath and opened the door. She looked around. There wasn’t a teacher in sight. She sighed and took her place behind Tokyo. As soon as she sat down, Veriny Geller walked into the room. 'So Sorry Guys’ She walked up to the front desk, put her notes down and turned to face the class of teenagers before her.
'Right. I do apologise for being late, just had a few problems thats all. Anyway, lets move on. First of all, in my opinion Non-magical Beings Studies is a load of bollocks, but I chose to teach it, so that’s what I’m going to do okay? - Any questions before we start'          
  Nobody raised his or her hand.
‘Good, right today’s lesson is going to be held outside.’
  At that moment the door swung open and in came the Headmaster. ‘Good Morning, Miss Geller, do you mind?’
‘No, of course not, come on in.’
‘Thank you.’ The Headmaster turned to address the class. ‘Right, 5th years, you have new students joining you today. She turned her head towards the door. ‘Come on, don’t be shy.’
  Stella heard shuffling outside and a girl’s voice. ‘No Lars.’ As the girl said this she was pushed into view of the door. She walked in and was closely followed by a boy. Stella recognised him as the boy she had bumped into earlier that day.
  The Headmaster turned to face the class again. ‘This is Jemony and Lars Whistler. I want you to make them feel welcome. Miss Geller, you may continue.’ She swiftly departed from the classroom.
  Stella smiled at the boy and she was sure that he smiled back at her but she couldn’t really tell. She looked at her hands and blushed.
‘Right, Lars, you can take the seat next to Stella and, Jemony; you can sit over there next to Peter. That should be okay.’
  Stella quickly looked up when she heard her name. She blushed slightly.
  Veriny continued to speak. ‘Well, for today’s lesson we’re going outside but when we are in here, you will sit in those places. Right everyone,’ she said addressing the whole class. ‘Let’s go.’ She picked up her papers and walked out the door. Stella picked up her small, multicoloured bag and placed it over her shoulder. She kept her head down so that the new boy couldn’t see her face. Then she heard the voice of the girl, Jemony.
‘Lars, what the hell are we doing here?’ she whispered to her twin brother.
‘You know why’ He whispered back
‘Yeah but why here?’
‘It doesnt matter anymore’
‘Well why not?’ Jemony looked behind ‘We'll continue this conversation later,’ and she walked off quickly in the other direction.
  Stella carried on walking she wanted to pretend that she hadn’t heard the conversation. She tried her best to ignore most people’s conversations. The boy, Lars, noticed Stella and caught up with her. ‘She’s just grumpy,’ he said.
‘Most people are these days,’ Stella replied laughing.
  ‘So whats your name...I know the teacher introduced me but my name's Lars Whistler’ He politely put a hand out.
She laughed and took it. ‘Stella.’
‘Oh, so you’re the person I’m going to sit next to.’
‘Yes I believe so.’ She laughed.
‘So Stella...Whats This school like?’
‘Well, it's ok I guess. Not a lot goes on. How come you're here?’
He looked hesitantly and looked around making sure people weren’t listening ‘Well... urmm.... the thing is.... me and my sister... we had to move’
Stella smiled. ‘Don’t worry. You don’t have to tell me, anyway you hardly know me enough to tell me anyway.’
  He gave her a one armed hug. ‘Thanks, its kinda difficult that's all and my sister...the green eyed monster...would give me hell if i told anyone’
  She laughed. ‘She cant be that bad can she?!’
‘Yeah, she can trust me.’ He rolled his eyes.
‘So,’ she said whilst looking around, ‘What do you think of the school so far?’
‘It’s okay, I guess.’ He shrugged.
‘I know, that was my first impression.’ She looked at her hands. ‘Then I met a few people and got to know them and it turned out to be great.’
‘Well, I’ve made a friend already.’ Lars smiled down at Stella as she was quite small for her age.
  There was silence for a few minutes. Stella thought, ‘I know something good is going to happen this year. I’ve already made another friend and I have the rest of the year to make others.’ She smiled to herself. ‘Do you want a tour of the school?’ she asked Lars.
  He looked quite surprised, as he wasn’t expecting this. ‘Sure, that’d be awesome.’
  She smiled and pointed to her left. ‘That is the Astromany classroom that we use whenever we aren’t outside.’ She then pointed to her right. ‘And down that corridor is all the odd classrooms that are hardly ever used and the Headmasters study.’ When they had walked a bit further, Stella stopped outside a window and said, ‘Down there is where we practise flying.’
  She kept on staring out the window. Lars looked at her with absent eyes and waved his hand infront of her face. She jumped. ‘Don’t ever do that again!’ She paused. ‘Sorry, I do it all the time.’
‘It’s okay, and sorry for making you jump.’ He laughed.
‘That’s okay, just poke me next time.’ She smiled.
He smiled back. ‘Okay, I really cannot be bothered today. Do you want to miss this lesson? It’s boring anyway.’
The End

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