All Wrong - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Journeys

  The sound of the alarm clock rushed round Stella’s room. She rubbed her eyes and tried to sit up. Stella fell back again. It was 6.30 am. The birds started to chirp loudly through out the country. Stella sat up and looked out her bedroom window. The hill where she had sat less than 12 hours ago was empty. She sighed. Today was the day she was to travel to Gwydion. Stella looked over in the corner where her trunk stood. It had been packed for several weeks now. She desperately wanted to get to school and forget about everything that had gone on that summer. This girl had lost her father, brother and mother in 6 weeks. Stella suddenly felt guilt come over her. She felt that when she went to school and she forgot, her mother would feel it. She rubbed her eyes. She hoped that the Head of Gwydion School would let her out of school to visit her mother everyday. After all, she had promised her mother she would.
  She swung her legs round and stood up. Quickly, Stella got changed and dragged her trunk across the landing. She stopped outside her brother’s bedroom door, looked at it, and then carried on walking. If there were one thing she was going to defiantly forget at school, he would be it. When she reached the bottom of the staircase, she left her trunk by the front door and went into the kitchen. She grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and a few snacks to eat on the way. She stopped; she had forgotten to ask Mrs Truly if she could feed Tabby whilst she was at school.
  Stella rushed out the front door and jumped over the hedge. She paused before knocking on the Truly’s door. Mrs Truly came to the door. ‘Stella, dear, what are you doing over her at this time in the morning?’
‘Sorry, Mrs Truly.’
‘Well, don’t apologize, just tell me what you want.’
‘I’m going off to school this morning, would it be possible for you to feed Tabby whilst I’m away?’
‘I suppose, but isn’t your mother going to do it?’
‘Oh shizzle!’ Stella thought. ‘She’s away on business at the moment.’
‘Oh fine.’ Mrs Truly had that look on her face as if she didn’t believe Stella at all.
‘Thank you ever so much.’ Stella waved as she walked away.
  Mrs Truly sighed and closed the door behind her. Stella sighed as well. Mrs Truly wasn’t very nice early in the morning. She laughed a little. This was the second time she had laughed since her mother went into hospital four weeks ago. As she was walking down the path, towards her house, her phone vibrated in her pocket. It was a message from her friend, Joanna, a mad pink haired girl. It said:

Hey Stel
Just heard frm Kac that
this yr there is going
2 b a ball
u better av a date!
I will c u @ skl

  Stella laughed once again. This last time there was a ball, she went on her own. Purely because nobody decent had asked her and she didn’t like half the guys that asked her. She had a feeling that this year was going to be different. She had a feeling that something was going to happen this year and it was going to be good. Well, for her anyway. She pushed open the door and slid her phone back into her pocket. Stella looked around her and took a deep breath. This was the last time she was going to see this place until July next year. There wasn’t any point coming back for Christmas, as there would be no one to celebrate it with here. She took one last deep breath, picked up her trunk and walked out the door.
  As she walked out into the front yard, she heard a screech of a car. She turned around. Outside her house was a blue Audi. At first she was confused, then she saw a familiar face pop out the window. ‘Hey Stella!’ Xia’s head was leaning out the window. ‘Thought you might want a lift.’ Stella smiled. She turned round and locked her house. She grabbed her trunk and made her way to Xia’s car.
  When she got to the car, Mr Hampton was already at the back, with the boot open.
‘Thanks Mr Hampton.’ Stella said as she got round to the back of the car.
‘Don’t mention it and call me Eric. Xia mentioned your mother and father didn’t drive so I thought it’d be nice for you and Xia to spend some time together before you hardly see each other at all.’
‘Like I said, thanks.’ After saying this Stella walked round and got in the car.
  Xia smiled at her as she got in. ‘So, Miss Stella, wasn’t expecting this were you?’
‘To tell you the truth, no.’ Stella laughed.
‘Did you get the text from Jo?’
‘Yeah, I’m guessing you did too.’
Xia nodded. ‘You have to get a date this year.’
‘I know, I know, Jo already said.’
Xia laughed. ‘Dad, can you put the radio on please?’
Eric Hampton sighed but switched on Virgin Radio.
‘So, what you been up to this summer?’ Xia asked as she picked up a packet of sweets from the side pocket of the car door.
‘Oh not a lot really. Been quite quiet really. How about you?’
‘Well,’ Xia put a sweet in her mouth and swallowed. ‘We went to Spain; I made a few friends and things. Nothing special really.’
‘At least you actually went somewhere.’
‘True, true.’
  Stella yawned. ‘Sorry, I’m a bit tired, rough night.’
‘Do you want to go to sleep? I don’t mind if you want to.’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah, go for it. I’ll climb in the front so you can lay down but make sure you don’t fall down.’ Xia laughed as she climbed into the front next to her dad.
  Stella laughed as well. She lay her head on the seat and thought, ‘I hope it’s going to be like this all year. If it is, I’m going to like this year a lot, even if we have exams.’
  She closed her eyes. Around her she heard sound of cars, that sounded distant and the sound of people, both inside and outside the car. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t ignore the voices and sounds that were around her. Although Stella wanted to shut out the world and pretend that nothing had happened that summer, she also wanted to believe that something other than her mother was keeping her in the world and everything that was going on.
The End

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