All Wrong - Chapter One

Stella, a young teenage girl, from Yorkshire, is a witch. Her life was like any other. She had a Mother, a Father and an older brother that she adored. But one-day things went all wrong for Stella. Her brother had just left school; he got angry and killed their father. Poor Stella was distraught. Marisa, their mother, threw Stella's brother, Lawrence, out and he joined a group called The Hunters. Their mother began fainting and becoming distressed, knowing that her brother, Lawrence, was out the

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

  The beeping continued, happening every two seconds it seemed. It made Stella think of a bomb or something, ticking away how much time was left. But the sound of the breathing machine didn’t help either. Other than that, it was like dead silence. She almost welcomed the noise. But would’ve welcomed conversation from her mother more. Stella couldn’t get interested enough with the book she borrowed from the local library. Romance just wasn’t her thing. She had no idea why she picked it up to begin with, but then again, her mind wasn’t where it should’ve been. Too much played through her head. Her mother. Oh dear, her mother.
  She looked at the sleeping form beside her. The woman didn’t move. Stella couldn’t tell if she were still alive or not, yet she looked so peaceful. Despite the sounds and the mess moving around in Stella’s mind, she was bored. She felt useless sitting there in the hospital room, reading something she had no interest in and watching her mother sleep. There was nothing she could do.
  Stella rubbed her eyes and sighed. I can’t wait for school to start. Gwydion was about the only place that Stella felt sane. She could forget her problems for a while and hang with her best friend, Xia. Entering their fifth year together, she hoped it would be a year to remember. She looked at her mother. Guilt felt heavy in her heart for a bit, but she shook it off. Why feel guilty? There was nothing she could do. She visited whenever she could. And she didn’t bother telling any of her friends, not even Xia. The last thing she wanted was sympathy and pampering. It wasn’t like her to get that attention.
  Stella rose from her seat and kissed her mother’s hand. “I’ll see you later, Mum.” She moved a lock of blonde hair from the woman’s temple. “I love you.”
  Shoving the book in her handbag, she quietly left the room.   She walked slowly over to the door and walked out. Stella closed the door slowly behind her and sighed. Tomorrow was the start of a new term at school. Stella was in her 5th year at Gwydion. She couldn’t wait to go back, as she wanted to see her best friend Xia again. She had decided to not let anyone know about her mother, even Xia. Stella didn’t want everyone feeling sorry for her and to keep making a fuss of her. So she decided to lead a normal life and every now and then in the evening, come and visit her mother and tell her about her day.
  Whilst walking down the corridor, Stella bumped in Veriny, a substitute teacher at Gwydion.
‘Opps, sorry,’ Stella looked up.
‘Don’t worry about it Stella, what are you doing here?’ Veriny looked at her with concern.
‘I’m visiting a friend’
‘Oh, how are they?’
‘They’re fine. They’re getting much better now.’
‘Oh, okay Stella.’ Veriny smiled. ‘I’m glad to hear it. I’ll see you at school.’
‘Yeah sure.’ Stella waved and walked on.
  She got to the double door entrance and walked out. The day was bright. As Stella stepped out into the Sun she could feel it warming up her skin. The big sign outside, saying St Denver Hospital, had been graphitised by some vandals. She walked down to the bus stop and waited. She got out her purse and made sure she had enough. There Stella waited for about half an hour, she began to get bored. She decided to teleport home. She was about to do this when Emily Allan, the slut of the school, came round the corner and noticed Stella. Stella doesn’t like Emily and pretended to not hear Emily calling her name. When she made sure no one else was around, she got out her wand and thought, ‘Home’ before disappearing in a puff of orange smoke. Emily finally got to where Stella had been. It had taken her forever, as she couldn’t walk in the high heels she had on. This was so typically Emily.
  Stella had appeared outside her mother’s house. She looked up at it, before she got out her key and walked inside. Immediately she went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. She got a glass and went to the tap, she looked up out the window and a face was looking at her. She screamed and leapt back. The face belonged to her brother; he was the reason that she was home alone. He was the reason she was miserable. He was the reason she had no father. She pretended to ignore him and carried on getting her glass of water, as if he’d never been there. She sat down at the table, at that moment her brother, Lawrence, tapped on the window expecting her to turn around and let him in, but she didn’t. The scared Stella drank her water slowly. As she was doing this Lawrence was still tapping on the window. She started to get rather annoyed by this. She drew her wand slowly and threatened her brother by pointing it at the window. Lawrence backed away. All he wanted to do was talk but he knew Stella didn’t know that. He shrugged his shoulders and disappeared in a puff of red smoke. Stella kept staring out in the back yard until she was sure he want coming back. She was never going to forgive him for what he did.
  The phone started to ring. She got up and walked into the hall. She picked up the receiver.
‘Hey Stella, it’s Xia.’
Stella smiled. Xia always made her feel better.
‘Oh hey, why are you ringing?’
‘Gee that’s a nice way to great your bestie.’
Stella smiled again. ‘I mean that I’m going to see you tomorrow anyway.’
‘Oh I know that, it’s just I am totally bored.’
Stella laughed. ‘Fair enough.’
‘Okay then, see you tomorrow.’
‘Okay then, bye.’
Xia put the phone down. Stella laughed to herself. At least there was one good thing in this world, friends. She walked up the stairs thinking of Xia and how she made her laugh. She opened her door and lying on her bed was her cat, Tabby. She turned on her light and walked over to the bed.
‘Come on Tabs, move your fat bum.’ She shoved the cat along and she lay down beside her. She opened up her bag and got out her ipod. On the back there was a picture of her and her brother. She threw it down on the floor, buried her face in her pillow and started to cry. Why did someone, who she loved dearly, have to go and do something so stupid that it caused death? She didn’t care about him any more. She didn’t want to care either.
‘I hate him’ she thought. ‘He’s an…Urgh!’ She punched the pillow. The sun was fading below the hills at the back of Stella’s house. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked out the window and saw that the sun was going down. ‘If I’m quick…’ she thought. She ran down the stairs and out the door but making sure it was closed before she ran down the road and round a few corners until she was at the bottom of the hill. She looked up. The sun had nearly disappeared. As fast as she could, Stella ran up the hill and looked at the slowly sinking sun. She sat down at the top of the hill and watched.
  She sat there for about half an hour before she decided that it was time to go home. She got up and turned around and saw her brother staring at her.
‘Stella, I just want to talk.’
She ignored him and walked round him.
  ‘Stella! I didn’t mean to do it!’ He was calling her. She started to run as fast as she could.
Lawrence sighed. She wouldn’t listen to him. He sat down and watched the rest of the sunset. Stella was now running down her road. She ran down the path towards her front door. She hurriedly fished around in her pocket for her key. When she got it out, she paused. ‘Had he really just wanted to talk?’ she wondered. She shook her head and opened the door and locked it behind her. She walked up to her room and looked out the window. Lawrence was still sitting there. Stella lay back on her bed and closed her eyes. Almost instantly she fell asleep.
The End

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