The Dream

An echoing, ghostly voice. Ella could see naught but white in front of her, and she couldn't make sense of the voice in her head. It seemed all normal to her, she wasn't curious about where she was or how she got there.

The voice started to make sense. It was speaking to her, now in plain english, albeit the scottish accent.

Scottish accent? Was it someone she knew?

The voice became recognisable, as... Ben?! Ella thought she would faint, but it didn't seem possible. She couldn't move, or she didn't want to. She did not know what was stopping her. It was like she had lost control of her conscience, and was just a spectator in this event. She listened to the voice of her deceased lover.

"It wasn't your fault Ella. You loved me. That was enough."

"What do you mean?" she cried in response.

"I couldn't hang on to my existence. I was weak..."

"Scott Warnick took your life. It wasn't your fault!" Ella cried again, amplifying her voice as if Ben or whatever spoke to her could not hear back.

"Protect yourself. Pain and sorrow lies on the dark road that is your future. I will guide you, but you must not become obsessed."

"Obsessed with what?!" she was in tears now, trying to fall on her knees but unable.

"Me. Don't let yourself become obsessed with the voice in your head?"

"Are you my conscience? Have you taken the form of Ben's voice? Answer me?!" she pleaded.

"Ben is not dead. Nor is he alive. Ben, no... I am closer to you then ever."

"Where are you?!"

"Here. Always."

The white faded, and Ella realised that she had opened her eyes. She could see her bedroom, but for some reason, it was blurred. A tear fell from her eye, and she wiped it. Everything became clear.

"Ben?" She called. No answer. "Ben?!" she called again, in frustration. No answer. "Ben..."

Insufferable though it may be, Ella could not miss school that morning. Something inside her told her to be brave, and show people that she can look death in the face without falling to it's whim. It would be a tough day, but something said that she would make it through unscathed. She trusted this feeling, and got ready for school in a most depressed manner. Life was going to hell, and there was only one way to turn it around.

By listening to the voice...

The End

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