All too real

All too real is a short story about a teenage boy who is killed by a gang of older teens, who's soul remains intact inside the mind of his 'torn to pieces by the tragedy' girlfriend. Visions of the boy still being alive inside her head slowly turns the girl insane until she finds a scientist who can send inside her own mind to retrieve the soul of her lost boyfriend and free it from the suffering, releasing her pain and sorrow as she does so. But as the girl enters her own mind, she becomes los

School was an everyday chaos for the unfortunate Ben Turner. He would wake up every morning at 6:00 am to get ready, with as individual appearance as is possible for a 16 year old boy. He cared for his appearance enough to sleep for just 6 hours today and feel more exhausted than a dog, who hasn't had a drink of water for a week, would feel in the summer. Ben was always organised, never being late for school, never forgetting any books or homework. Of course, this early morning rise and preparation was not part the aforementioned chaos. No, it was not until 8:30 am, when the already fatigued teen arrived in school, that the madness erupted. You see, there are many different faces and crowds worth knowing in the Scottish academy of Oakwood. Some of them are friendly. Most are not.

Ben was what most teenagers would refer to as a goth. Sure, there are different opinions of what a goth actually is (most of them negative and perpetuating a stereotype that others will latch onto) but being in the atmosphere of Oakwood Academy, you could pretty much call Ben a bully victim. He suffered the endless, constant taunts of the Oakwood bullies, popular people, sports addicts and chavs, the latter of these being another slang term derived from teenage culture.

Most days, Ben would suffer no more the oral discrimination and the occasional immature 'tripping-up'. But this particular day had treated Ben to more than he could chew. He has sworn at the one of the tough guys you did not want to mess with, after having his bag thrown into a ditch swamped with nettles and rats. The consequence of this action was none too pretty as the poor boy now returns home with a near-broken ribcage and bruises all across his face and chest, with the aid of his girlfriend Ella Parker and only two friends Tom Hutch and Robert McKaye.

"You actually swore at Scott Warnick?! Are you out of your mind?!" questioned Tom.

"You're not helping Tom, seriously..."

"Sorry, but I just find it hard to believe that anyone in their right minds would do it."

"I lost my temper, ok?"

"Look," began Robert, "We all know that Scott is an unbelievably huge prick right? Let's not make enemies of eachother when it's him that we hate."

"I'm just worried that this isn't over..." replied Ella. "You know Scott Warnick usually comes back for round two, and he seemed more intent in beating you up for the sheer fun of it really. The swearing was just an excuse. Please be careful Ben! For me..."

"I promise." replied Ben, gently hugging his partner.

The four of them walked on until they reached a crossroad about 20 minutes from school.

"Alright, I'll be seeing you tomorrow Ben!" exclaimed Tom.

"Hey, don't forget me you soddin' sack o' manure!' replied Robert.

"I already have Rob!"

Ella turned to Ben and kissed him. "I love you Ben. Whatever happens, I won't let that change."

"I love you too Ella. I won't either... see you tomorrow."

And with that, Rob and ben turned right, Ella continued on forward and Tom got on a bus to be driven back to the middle of Glasgow.

The End

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