July 2009

It's my birthday today! And I'm so freaking excited for it. I don't know, I just feel so happy and giddy when it's time for my birthday. 

It's free period and Viv and I decided to go to the School Grounds. Our friends were already there, Mitch, Lily, Anne, Jake (Callum's blonde friend), Bea (old Middle school friend), Lisa (technically we're friends now) Reese (bi friend) and Callum (Mr. Blue eyes of course). 

"Hey look! It's the birthday girl!" Jake announced too loudly.
I suddenly felt shy, because almost every pair of eyes at the Grounds were on me now. 
We approached them quickly. 
"How did you know?" I asked hurriedly.
"Vivian tipped us," Anne blurted out as Vivian elbowed her.
"What? VIVIAN CATHERINE FARRIS I told you, we'd tell them together, and as QUIETLY as possible, remember?" I whisper-yelled to her.
"Wow, you both have 'Catherine' as your second names? That's cool!" Reese pointed out.
"Yeah that's one of the reasons why we became BESTFRIENDS, isn't that right, Hilly?" She said as she turned me around away from them. "Oh quit whining, I know you like the attention anyway and besides, blue eyes is approaching in 3....2...1...." and then she walked away.
"Hey Hillary," He said. 
"Hey Callum," I reply.
I knew for a fact everyone called him "Cal" now, but he never calls me "Hilly" anyway so I won't use his nickname for him.

"Happy Birthday," He says simply.
"Thanks." I managed to say. Oh dear it's simply impossible to not get lost in those mesmerizing blue eyes of his. Even is such a lame conversation as this. His eyes darted away, to somewhere behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Bea appraoching me. 
"Hey Hilly! Happy Birthday!!" she says as she hugs me.
"Thanks," I say as I hug her back. I notice Callum can't take his eyes off of her. I tried not to frown. Oh come on it's my birthday. Why do I have to witness this?

Callum walks away and sits next to Jake and the others.
"Sucks doesn't it?" Reese says, suddenly beside me.
"What sucks?" I ask.
"Cal told us a few weeks ago that he liked Bea." Reese explained. Wow, and I thought he liked Lisa. Boy, was I wrong.
"Oh.....really.." Well what else can I say without letting any emotion giving me away?

"Yeah, but Bea's currently dating Logan."
"Wow, you mean Logan? The Smarty Pants Logan? That Logan?"
"Oh, that sucks." I say. I look back at Callum. He's playing his guitar as he sings a song, looking at Bea at some parts. They called Reese to continue since Callum forgot the next chords. 

 "Hey, what's up?" Vivian looked at me, obviously worried. Is my face THAT readable?
"Yeah, I, uh, I'll tell you later." I reply.
"Well okay. Come on Hilly, don't let anything ruin today. It's YOUR day remember?"
"I guess you're right." and with that I plastered a fake smile on my face and marched toward the place where our friends were.

The End

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