June 2009 (cont.)

Viv and I walked to our lockers to get our math books and when we got to the Algebra Classroom, the teacher wasn't there yet. 

"Hey look there are two empty seats over there!" I exclaimed. "Right next to Mitch and Lily too!"

"Yeah, and the other one's right next to Mr. Blue eyes," Viv looked at me smugly.

"Wait, what?" I ask bewildered. I honestly did NOT see him there.

"Alright, class take your seats.." Our teacher has just walked in and Viv and I hurried to those seats. I was there first so basically I got to pick where I'm sitting.And well, I chickened out, and took the seat next to my friend Mitch.

Viv mouthed 'What-are-you-doing-there-sit-here' but I wouldn't budge.

I could hear Callum talking to guy to his left. He must be his friend.

"So class, my name is Mr. Ernest Lloyd, but I'd prefer you call me Mr. Lloyd and this is Algebra class.." Mr. Lloyd continued his introduction as I zoned out of it, until I saw a small strip of paper on the corner of my desk.

I look over at Viv; She was looking straight ahead. So obviously it was from her.

It said

"I heard them talking, H. You'll definitely want to hear about this. Talk to you after Algebra Class. 

- V


What could they have said that was deemed gossip-worthy by Vivian?

Algebra Class passed by and since I was good at Math, I was doing great on the first day. When the bell rang, I packed my stuff and walked out with Vivian.

"Okay, Spill. What did they talk about that was so important?" I ask her.

"They were talking about you!" She almost yelled.

"I'm sorry-what?"

"They were seriously talking about you, This Blonde guy next to Mr. Blue eyes was like 'Dude is she the girl you were talking about?' and Blue eyes was like 'Dude, shut up, ' And Blondie was like 'Oh Damn, I bet you're thinking why didn't she sit next to you then huh?' And then he was like 'Dude, just shut up already' But he really sounded pissed off! Can't you see, Hilly?" 

"See what?"

"Mr. Blue eyes likes you too!"

"You're delusional, Viv." 

"Seriously, I mean why was he so pissed that you didn't sit in my chair, oh and by the way, WHY DIDN'T YOU? It was a perfect opportunity!" She rants.

"You know how...obvious it becomes to other people whenever I like someone. He might not like me...maybe...if he found out that I like him,"

"You really have to Stop being Paranoid, Hil." She sighs though because she knows she can't stop me from being paranoid.

"Let's just go to our next class.."

The rest of the day went on. The only class other class I had with Callum besides Biology and Algebra was English. But we didn’t get to pick our seats in that class. We were seated away from each other in that class.

The next day was dreadful, unfortunately.

"Alright Class, take your seats, we're going to have our first lab activity today..." I was just walking in with some people and when I heard Ms. Nightingale my eyes quickly went over to Callum's Place. Our eyes met and I think I felt the corners of my lips twitch up.

"But first.." Ms. Nightingale continued. "I would have to switch everyone's seats. Seems like a lot of you picked your own partners and we can't have too much chaos in my laboratory," A lot of negative remarks were being said, but I just couldn't pay attention to them. What, why would Ms. Nightingale do that?

As She rearranged us, Callum was the first one to get a new partner. I didn't even get a chance to sit down and wait with him. His new partner was this new girl named Lisa Ravner. 

"Miss Hillary Abshire," Ms. Nightingale called. I stood up to be acknowledged. "Your partner will be Miss Anne Madigan" A Chinky-eyed girl with shoulder length hair approached me. Miss N quickly moved on to the next on her list.

"Hi, I'm Anne Madigan, and you're Hillary right?" She asks.

"Yeah, I am, nice to meet you" we shook hands and watched as all of the other people get paired up. I seem to notice Callum and Lisa talking. no, nuh-uh it's not bothering me.

Miss Nightingale finally finished pairing us up and decided to go ahead with our first lab experiment. It was a blur from then on. Except Anne really did keep me company, she's a really fun person to talk to. Atleast, biology doesn't suck as much as it's supposed to. And Vivian and Mitch were right behind me too. Talk about Lucky, they got paired with each other. But hey, I guess I'm kind of lucky too, I made a new friend anyway. 

The bell rang and we quickly arranged our stuff. 

"Hey Anne!" Someone called out. I had my back to Anne when I was putting back the stuff in my bag. 

"Hey! Wait, I'm going to introduce you to my lab partner, Hilly." 

I turned around, ready to say "Hi, I'm Hillary Abshire" until I saw who it was.

"Hilly, meet my Bestfriend, Lisa Ravner. Lisa - Hilly, Hilly - Lisa"


The End

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