April 2037

"So there's Callum, Maybe he's dad! he has blue eyes, just like me and Dad. But wait, maybe he isn't he couldn't be the only person in the world with blue eyes, hmm. " Hannah intervened.


"No, no it can't be him! He's the first guy to come out of the story, it's never the first guy!" Hannah continues, ignoring me.


"but maybe, this is one of those stories! Gah, I don't know maybe I should type this down," Hannah says as she whips out her Smartphone and turns on the screen and the hologram keyboard. "Callum - Blue eyes, Met on the first day, Mom's first highschool crush..." She types.

"Hannah!" I finally say. It was always so amusing seeing her like this. If only she's this interested when it comes to her homework.

"What?" She asks blankly.

"Maybe we should just get on with the story so you'd have, oh I don't know, more clues on who your dad really is?" I ask her.

"Okay, okay, fine I'll stop talking now, please proceed." She laughs.

"Okay so were was I? oh yes, well..."

The End

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