June 2009

First day of school and I’m totally psyched. Well sort of, I mean It’s my first day in Highschool, so it may get a little bit nerve wrecking here and there but-Oh who am I kidding? I am so NERVOUS!

“Hillary! The bus is here,” Mom called out.
“I’m coming,” I put my journal in my bag and headed downstairs. My heart is pounding.

Once I climbed onto the bus, I saw my bestfriend Vivian waving at the back. 
“Hey, Hilly!”
“Hey Viv, I’m so anxious for today, aren’t you?” 
“Well yeah, I am, but we’re just going back to school the only difference is that this time there are a lot of new faces and that we’ll be staying in the huge highschool building instead of our average middle school building,”
“You’re probably right, Being in highschool shouldn’t be THAT different.” I said. Little did I know, I was WAY off.

After a few more stops, are bus pulled up in front of our school. It looked the same as before, so that made me somewhat calm, atleast some things never change.

“FRESHMEN, gather round here.”  A strict looking teacher with a microphone said. “My name is Miss Hamilton and now, all of you should stay here while all of the other years go on ahead to their rooms. You’ll be taking a tour of your new building before proceeding to your actual classes.” I looked around and everyone else who looked older than us were walking into the building while talking amongst friends, texting or listening to their ipods. 

I glanced at my fellow freshmen classmates and someone caught my eye. I don’t know him, and I haven’t seen him before but he was looking at me too.  Miss Hamilton broke our eye contact when she made an announcement. 

“Alright, now that everyone else has gone in let’s start the tour.” 
Vivian nudged me. “Hey, I saw you looking at someone,” She said smugly.
“Yeah, so?”
“So, who is he? Did you have a summer fling, I didn’t know about?” she asked as we passed the library wing.
“What? No. and even if I did, you would have known. I don’t know him actually, our eyes just, I don’t know, met. He has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.” I said. As we were walking through the east wing.
“Looks like somebody has a crush on the first day,” She sang.
“Viv, I only said he had blue eyes, I didn’t say I have a crush on him,” I noticed that Miss Hamilton was pointing toward the infirmary. 
“Yeah, but that’s how it starts. First, you say he has the ‘bluest eyes you’ve ever seen’ and then after 96 hours you’ll be like, ‘I can’t help it! I like him, Viv. You were so right.’” She sighed dreamily.
“I won’t say that, Vivian, Yeesh.”  She spent most of the tour trying to convince me that I’ll be head over heels in 96 hours.
“Well then, I’m guessing that all of you have their class schedules now so you may go to you class right now,” Miss Hamilton said.
Vivian and I had all our classes together. We don’t know why but we did this year, and it filled me with relief when we knew last summer, but today, not so much. 
She might talk more about Mr. Blue eyes. Fortunately she decided to stop as we headed toward the Biology room, it was our first period. As it turns out, we were late.

A stout looking 20 something teacher glanced at us and sighed. 
“Finally, where have you two been? Don’t answer that anyway, since almost all of the seats are taken, I’ll choose your seat for you.” She glanced around the room to look for some vacant seats. There were two at the back, right next to each other. 
“You two, uhm, Lastnames?”
“Farris,” Vivian said.
“Abshire,” I said.
“Sit there, and don’t be late for my class again. The name is Miss Nightingale blah blah blah- So now where was I? Oh yes, Lab partners. The person you’ll be sitting with will be your lab partner,” Vivian and I, though we were sitting right next to each other, weren’t on the same table, which means she wasn’t my partner. I looked to my left to acknowledge my partner and my eyes met a familiar pair of blue eyes. It was none other than, Mr. Blue eyes, himself. Great. 
“Hi,” he said.
“Hello,” I replied.
“I’m Callum.  He says.
“Hello Callum, I’m Hillary,” I said in a weird accent.  
He smiled at me, finding my humor funny.

Miss Nightingale went on about the standard rules and regulations in the laboratory and after that she went on with the first lesson. Callum and I didn't really speak to each other at all. We just quietly took notes. I couldn't help but feel very aware of him right beside me though.

The bell rang, which means it's time for our second period. I quickly packed my stuff and looked at Callum. He was busy with his things too. I contemplated on asking him for his number, since we're lab partners and all, we should establish some contact. I was about to tap him in the shoulder when he stood up from his seat, unknowingly dodging my hand. 

He did, although look back at me. "Well see ya around I guess, or later, maybe. What's your next class anyway?" 
I mentally slap myself for dumping my class schedule inside my bag.

"uhm, I don't know, but I think it was Algebra with Miss Conelly," I'll have to ask Viv about that later.
"Well, see ya later then, I have the same next class," He smiled shyly. 
"Really? well uhm, see you too." I said lamely.

When he was gone I spun around to face Vivian. She was smiling. No not the smug kind of smile. It was an "I-feel-so-giddy-like-a-little-school-girl-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE" smile. 
"Why are you smiling like that?" We ask each other at the same time.
 It never occurred  to me that I was smiling.  Vivian seems to think that too when she said "I am?" 
It looks like she's right after all, except she was off by 95 hours and 15 minutes. Oh did I mention that I'm weirdly awesome at Math?

The End

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