Its History

In the cradle, was a child of no more than half a year. Pale skin the colour of white-out. Almost white hair. Very much like an albino, except for one thing: Its dark blue eyes. Those eyes held promise of evil and destruction, and are sucking, swirling, miniature black holes. Not one blessed being, whether it be dog or person alike, has ever looked into those pits of horror and death and lived to tell the tale.

The fiend's own parents (God-fearing beings) were taken by those eyes. Nobody cared or knew they were gone; as apathy was one of the powers of the wretch lying in the crib. The house fell into disrepair; all  the rooms dusty, smoky, and unusable. All except the nursery. 

It remained pristine; Whole; Deadly. 

The baby's crib was relatively bare. It had a thin blanket and not a pillow. The child, also, had no toys except it's own powers. If you could call blood sucking, apathy inducing, and the capability to annihilate everything innocent playthings. Though I'm sure they were to a heir of Satan.

Why are you telling me all this? You ask. 

To prepare, child. For the thing to come. The dark creatures... 

The ugly things.

The End

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