The Darkness

A horror story.
*Do not read if you fear the dark already. This -will- push you over the edge into irrational fear.*
You are cautioned..

    The darkness. It's black. A sucking hole that will pull you in, torture you. All your worst fears are close at hand if you dare to enter, to sit in the silent darkness for too long. The silence is the loudest thing you'll ever hear... until the sounds of scratching, scraping, biting, and sharpening of fangs fill the void. Beware the darkness, my children. Beware the darkness. Once you go in.. you can never come out. You'll be doomed to die in that hell forever.

    I'm telling you this, dear child, because the darkness is everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. You can avoid it, but one touch, once you give in, there's no going back. 

    The darkness first originated, in a room. In a cradle. Oh, nothing extraordinary about the room. Bare blue walls, white curtains, and it contained the normal baby-room items. The cradle was also an average cradle. Wooden with a cloth top that you could pull over. But the child, the child in the crib was the extraordinary thing. That is, if you could call it a child. 

The End

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