All the nerve in vein!

The bright morning sky in Woodrock accentuated the enchantment in the air. It was the time when rodents ran to hibernate and the milkmen gave a break to the cattle as they cherished a few hours of sleep on the cosy bed. The fortune tellers went about announcing their presence as people gathered around fretting and a few of them trotted to him all gay and happy.


The children hurried to school – a hatched hut with benches aligned together to form a neatly arranged rectangle. After a while a teacher leisurely walks into the class to drill the kids. The young farmers sat staring at the sky wishing a huge leak on the heavy dense grey clouds. And the carbs on the sea shore chased each other friskily on the dry granules like an elated group of nomads. The fervour was eternal and the town went on and on living its life. But with the coming of spring things slowed down a little.


Sam was still at bed with indifferent thoughts of getting up. The hymn from a near by church rang in his ears like as he got up with a jerk. Office must be buzzing with activity now he thought. It was the 14th of January and they were expecting a new boss. It has only been two days since they have given their old one a rather raucous farewell. The thought of being late made his mouth dry as he gulped water filling a glass of it with shaky hands sitting on side table.


They decided to be at the place by eight O’clock and for him it would take an hour to reach. Corola Bank was much beyond the town’s outskirts. He swiftly got ready and rushed out. He got into a cab along the street and urged the driver to rush. Will he be fired? His knuckles went cold with tension as he cracked them tepidly. But he tried taking deep breaths, got out of the cab with a certain grit, opened up his pursed with hands that tried not to be tense and paid up the driver.


As he entered the premises and was climbing the stairs with unrhythmic footsteps, he could feel a strange sense of calm as the fragrance of orchid tickled his nostrils. As he got in…to his pleasant surprise all he heard was soft and hearty laughs. They were celebrating the return of his old boss Mr. Pai. He had apparently changed his mind about resigning.

The End

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