All that Glitters

One is silver and the other gold.

Her arms wrapped around me, hugging me tight as she promised to be my best friend forever.  Forever seemed like a long time, and I wasn't sure that I was ready for that sort of commitment, but regardless I accepted her promise with a giddy nod.  I was so excited; high school was finally starting!  I felt so old, but at the same time so young and new...I was back at the bottom of the food chain, ready to be picked apart by the vicious animals of the halls, or jungle, as I saw it.  

"First period, Mr. Traidlew," Marcy said, wrinkling her nose. "Math."

"Ew, we don't have first period together!" I exclaimed, glaring at my course list.  I had Mme. Bleuler for French.  "When's your lunch?"

"Fourth," she told me, snatching my schedule away and looking at it.  "One of the two subjects we have together." 

"What?!!" I exclaimed, looking at our papers side by side.  The only other class we had together was...

"Geo," we said in unison, sticking out our tongues and bursting into laughter.  Our grade eight geography teacher had a bit of a twitch, making her tongue stick out after every sentence.  It was pretty funny.  

"Well, at least we have that together," she said, handing me my schedule back.

Just then, the first bell rang, and hugged her goodbye quickly. "See you at fourth!"  

The End

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