Chapter 5

My next class was art. It was something that I had signed up for as a filler class, but I found that I was starting to enjoy it. My teacher, Mr. Simms, was a hoot. He was a crazy, free-spirited type of guy and all the kids liked him for it. His class was always full and I had managed to enroll again.


“Okay class, everyone take your seats.” Mr. Simms told us above the roar. “We are going to be looking at some slides this period and I want you to be drawing your impressions as you watch them.”


I liked it when he started the class off like this. This was going to be an easy hour, not much was expected from us today. I could actually relax and work on getting rid of this horrible headache.


The lights turned off and everyone hooted and hollered. “Okay children” Mr. Simms said sarcastically as he turned on the slide projector. The first slide to appear was of a beautiful African Lion lying across a low tree branch, sound asleep.


“Notice how the sunlight reflects off of his fur and the tree casts a long shadow. Take your time sketching his form, the shadows. Pay attention to the details people.” He said and began to walk around the large room.


I sketched absent-mindedly. I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t flash Janet’s’ answers into my brain during math class. It always worked in the past. Why didn’t it work today when I needed it to?


I wasn’t paying attention to Mr. Simms whereabouts when he tapped me on the shoulder. “Where are you today Haley?”


“Sorry sir.” I replied and jumped a little at his touch. I looked at my notepad and saw that I only had outlined a vague drawing of the lion on his branch. It was amateurish and I knew I could do better than that.


I looked at the picture on the screen. I concentrated on the colors, the grace of the big cat, the position it was laying in. My headache was dull now but still there. I knew that I was about to agitate it big time in a few seconds. I took a snapshot of it with my brain and felt the familiar clink inside my head when I had it.


I then looked at my page. I brought the image forward and watched it blur onto the page. I also felt my headache starting to pound with a vengeance. I didn’t want the image to be a perfect replica of the picture on the screen, so I only let it come forth as an outline. I stopped it once I could make out the detail and got busy sketching outside the lines.


Once I was done, I had a nice looking replica of the original slide. But I had put my twist on it so that it wasn’t perfect and I had added background features that weren’t on the slide.


Mr. Simms changed the slide to a vulture with his wings spread, standing on the ground.


I sketched mine with a kill at his feet and a little bit of gore on his head! I couldn’t make it exactly the same as the slide or that would have caused some problems. I also made the perspective a little different from the slide.


My headache was pounding again and I was in agony. What was going on? Why was I getting these headaches today? I thought maybe it was something that I ate.  I was sensitive to bread, especially whole wheat, but I had had cereal this morning. Maybe it was wheat germ or something like that in the cereal that was sending me over the edge.


I reached into my purse again and drew out another Tylenol. I didn’t have any water with me, but I was in too much pain to worry about it. I got it down just in time for the end of class. The bell rang and we packed up our supplies. Mr. Simms wanted us to put our names on the sketches and leave them on his desk.


I only had one more class for the day, and then I was able to go home. I didn’t have any homework to do later, so I could go to bed early and get rid of this pounding headache.


I just hoped that I didn’t have any dreams tonight. The ones that I had been having lately were very strange and they haunted my mornings. I couldn’t shake them usually until my first class. They were that vivid.


With my head pounding, I stopped at the water fountain for a mouthful of cold water and then proceeded to my history class. Janet was also in this class with me, so at least I would have someone to sit beside. I would tell her that I was going to bed early tonight in case she wanted to come over.



The End

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