Chapter 3

“Hey, Haley. Are you ready for the math test in second period today?” Janet asked me as I walked with her to our first class. 

“Oh crap. Is that today?” I thought it was later in the week and I was totally unprepared for it. 

“Yep, Mr. Duncan told us about it last week, remember?” she said as we passed by a group of boys standing up against some lockers. Janet did a twirl and said hello to Brian from her science class. She liked him but he had yet to notice her. 

“Why do you do that, Jan?” I asked her when we were out of earshot. “He doesn’t give you the time of day and there you go, holding out hope that he will say hi to you.” I didn’t like that she was always trying to get him to notice her. She was a pretty girl and she could go out with any guy at school. Only she wanted the one guy that wouldn’t even look twice at her. 

“I think one day he just might.” She said with a smile and ended with another twirl. 

“Crap” I said again and stopped. A few girls that were following too closely behind us, had to step around us. “I didn’t bring my math book. I’ll have to borrow one from the office.” I had left the book that I needed on the dining room table. 

“Okay, well hurry up and get a note to get into class. See ya there.” Janet said and continued on down the hall to our English class. 

I turned around and went to the main office. I asked to sign out a math text book and was given a release form to sign. I was also given a hall pass that explained why I was late to class. I thanked the secretary and left the office with my math text book in hand. 

I wondered why Janet always was attracted to the bad boys at school. Even in grade school, she had wanted to hang out with the scruffy guys, the ones that were always in trouble. Yet, she was squeaky clean and a great student. I didn’t understand her at times. 

I headed to my first class. One the way, I passed by the glass doors of the science room. They were open to the hallway and as I approached I could hear squeals from the students emitting from the area.  I slowed my steps and looked into the room. 

The students had trays in front of them on their tables, in which frogs were splayed open on their backs. Their stomachs were sliced open and spread wide and some of the students were busy identifying the organs. Some of the girls were laughing and yelling about it being disgusting. 

I whole heartedly agreed with them. 

Without stopping, I thought of the four closest frogs to the doorway, coming back to their wits and trying to push themselves back onto their feet. I kept walking to my English class, all the time smiling at the screaming and the mayhem coming from the science room.

When I got to my English class, I opened the door and stepped in. But the sound of the screams followed me in and the teacher stopped what he was writing on the black board. 

“What is going on, Haley?” he asked me as he put the chalk down in the ledge. 

“I don’t really know. Something in the science room, I think.” I told him as I walked to take my seat. I sat beside Janet and I showed her my math book. 

Mr Hewitt, my English teacher, told the class to turn to page forty seven and read quietly, and then he hurried out of the room. The class started talking all at the same time. 

“Any problems getting the book?” Janet asked me as she opened her English book to the required page. 

“Nope,  I just had to sign it out. I will return it at the end of the day.” I told her as I grabbed my English book also. 

“What is all the commotion?” she asked me, looking at the door. Several students were gathered around the inside of the door, trying to peek out into the hallway. 

“I don’t know. When I was coming up to the science room, everyone started screaming. I think maybe a mouse got loose or something.” I said as I grabbed my pencil bag and rooted around for a pen. 

Just then, the students that were crowded at the door, made mad dashes to their seats. The teacher appeared at the front of the class once again. 

“What happened, Mr Hewitt?” Carole asked him from the front of the classroom. 

“It seems that Mrs Appleby didn’t pith a few frogs the correct way. They sort of woke up during the dissections.” He told us as he went back to his desk. 

The classroom erupted in moans and groans as we all visualized what had happened to the students that were working on those frogs.





The End

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