Moon Flower

I lay awake in bed that night. I didn't know why it was bothering me now, why the act that had seemed so just this afternoon seemed like a crime at night. I rolled over in my sleeping bag, peering through the tent flap at the stars above me. The soft band of the Milky Way twinkled overhead, like the sky's own sleeping bag. And the beauty of it all reaffirmed in my mind what I had felt in the washroom earlier.

There were too many beautiful things in this life to waste any of them. Killing a living creature was an absolute crime.

And I had the power to punish crimes.

Hours later, having given up on sleep, I slipped out of the tent in my pajamas and sandals. I hiked a short distance from our tent, no more than a few hundred yards, into a grassy field that swelled with small hills. I crested one of them, letting the cool, dewy breeze tousle my hair and caress my face. A flash of white caught the corner of my eye. A small, white tulip, drooping to the ground, lay clumsily planted in the grass. Seeing something so pure and innocent dying a painful death...without thinking, I again reached for my power.

I thought the tulip up, straightening it, letting its petals reach for the moonlight. And, as I watched, the flower morphed. No longer the bulbous shape of a tulip; a beautiful, white moon flower now happily basked in the moon's rays. Astonished with the change I had wrought, even unintentionally, I trekked back to my tent, deep in thought.

A moth of blue and orange alighted on the flower, and began to drink.

The End

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