All strange to me

I always was aware of the strange gift that I had, but I didn't know how powerful it was until that long weekend camping trip.

I have always liked people, and I have always been able to put up with a lot from them, but one thing that I will not stand by and watch, is cruelty to others or animals. And it just so happened that I witnessed a meaningless death, perpertrated by a mere child on that weekend.

A group of my friends and I drove a few miles from our hometown to a camp site for the August long weekend. We planned to get down to some serious partying, sun bathing and swimming. This particular camp ground had the modern facilities such as running water and flush toilets.

On one of my many trips to the washrooms, a little girl, no more then six, was standing inside near the sinks with her back to me. She was intently looking at something on the floor, near the wall.  I had visions of it being a large eight legged spider that was facinating the girl, but to my amazement, it was a beautiful multicoloured moth. I guessed it had been attracted by the inside lights and now it was trapped.

I spoke with the little girl, explaining to her why the moth had "fuzzy little antlers" and we tried to count all the pretty colours on its wings.

And then, just as I was about to disappear into one of the cubicles , the little girl sighed and squished the moth with her foot.

I couldn't believe it! For no reason and without so much as a warning, this little six year old took a life!

She turned to leave, when I suddenly regained by voice. I asked her why she had killed such a beautiful and defenseless creature. 

She didn't know.

I really tried to prevent myself from doing it but there was no holding back my thoughts or feelings. With all my hate, with all my strength and with all my mental force, I 'thought' that little girl into a beautiful little moth.

Her clothes were in a neat pile on the cement floor and the little six year old, now an orange and blue moth, was sitting beside them.

I went about the rest of my business and when I had finished, I was tempted to squish her as she had just done. But instead, I nudged her wing with the tip of my sandel and whispered, "Fly little one. Fly for your life."


The End

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