I jumped, and hit my head on something.

"What?" I managed. "Did I fall asleep?"

"Yes." a girl's voice laughed. I'd forgotten that Felicia was at my house. Damned assignment.

I am such an idiot.

"Oh. I'm sorry. So did you want to finish working on-"

"It's fine, Cameron. But you need a break."

"I'm fine, I just needed to rest up for a bit."

"Get your jacket." she ordered.

"Fine. What kind of a break did you have in mind?" I grabbed a hoodie off my bed. Women can be so. . .demanding at times.

"The movies." She said was we walked outside.  Is she serious?

"Actually." I grabbed my wallet.

"Yes." she said cooly. "Right now. We can get there in time." she added. How did she know that I have a car?

"Aren't you coming? I don't want to go by myself." Oh, duh, it's in the driveway.

"Yeah, sure." I muttered. Being the gentleman my mom raised me to be, I offered her my arm and led her outside to my  "chariot" of a car, a really old Honda.

We went, had a decent time. I let her buy me a box of popcorn. It was after the movie that it got really awkward.

I think I saw them first, but I could've sworn it was James Lightman with Becca at the movies. It wasn't confirmed until I got a strong sense that Felicia would be mad if I didn't talk to them.

"Rebecca." I started.

Unfortunately, she heard me.

"Yeah?" she and Mr. Macho turned around to see us.

"What are you doing here?" we both asked as Felicia exchanged hellos with James the Jock. Turns out, they're cousins. She told me while I drove her home.

But, also unfortunately, she didn't answer. She slipped off, and Felicia followed her. Us two guys were left alone.

"So is this the first time you've gone out?" I asked him

"Second. What about you and Felicia?"

"One-time thing. I fell asleep while we were working on a school assignment at my house, and she took it upon herself to say I needed a break. So we came here." I stuck my hands in my pockets.

"I see." he shrugged. "Well, I hope it's not a problem, her being my girlfriend." he grinned. "Then again, I don't think you've ever wanted to get with her anyway." Damn straight.

"You're dating her huh? Not a problem at all, considering that she's got enough integrity for both of you." Hope he knows that I have more nerve then him.

"Whatever, Cameron. Just remember that I'm obligated to kick your ass if Felicia comes crying to me about you tomorrow."

"I don't mind Felicia. She's a good friend. Just remember that I've known Rebecca just as long as you've known Felicia. Same obligations. No questions."

"Right. If you're brain is turned on. Where is it that you stash your coke again?"

"I don't do drugs. Do you know what vacuous means, Lightman?"


"Then look it up. It describes you perfectly."  For the record, it means empty-headed.

"James? Let's get out of here. I've gotta be home by ten." Rebecca shot me a look.

I was in for it at school tomorrow.

The End

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