the dream again

Pressed again. . .feeling hated and humiliated in all circles.  In front of everyone. I wish it would come to the part where I was saved. . .by that other person, who I somehow felt intensely. . .intense towards. I can't describe it. It's almost numb now.

Just do it, Rebecca,  it'll all go away. . .

Do what? What am I supposed to do . . .

I'm being pressed harder now. . . .just make it go away. I say. Just leave.

Just do what we want. . it'll all go away. . .everything that was ever wrong.

But what's wrong . . ?

Rebecca. . . .Rebecca! . .Just do it. . .Rebecca!


"Rebecca!" I jumped. I could hear snickers. "Rebecca, are you even listening to me?"

"Yes! I'm sorry!" I tried to sound razor sharp. More snickers.

"Rebecca, see me after class, please. And stay awake for it!"

"Yes, sir. What about?"

"Your free writing. I won't write you up for sleeping this time."

The End

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