the date gone right. . .or wrong?

At seven-twenty-nine, I looked at the door, wondering what was going to happen.

Then it was seven-thirty. James walked in the door. I said good-bye to Michael and we left. We stopped at my house, and I got changed and fixed my hair (i don't wear that much makeup).As we were driving in his car (he's a year older then me, and of course, can drive). I finally spoke up.

"So where are we going?" I asked him.

"The movies." was all he said.

We stopped to grab some food first, at a new place in town (The Spot), and gabbed for a couple of minutes in his truck on the way there. Luckily for us, the movie started at eight-fifteen. I chose our seats. As my dad always said, young girls should stay away from dark corners.

The movie was okay. But on our way out, we saw Cameron. . .and James Lightman's cousin Felicia.

All I could think at the time was, what?

Of course, the four of us ended up talking for a few minutes. I knew that was going to hear about it the next day, guaranteed.

It was way too awkward.


"Yeah?" I turned and saw cam, Felicia practically hanging on his arm.

"What are you doing here?" we both said (demanded). Cameron gave James this really weird look.

James and Felicia merely exchanged hellos, like there was no problem with the situation at all.

"Uh, I'll be right back, James." I said, trying to signal Felicia without them noticing. Something needed to be set straight.

"Me, too." Felicia said quietly, following me into the ladies' room.

She was all too happy to chat with me for a bit.

"Why didn't you tell Cameron that you were going out with my cousin? We should've doubled, it would've been totally awesome! How long have you two known eachother, anyway?" She was ecstatic, almost like a little kid at Christmas.

"Since we were really little." I managed.

Felicia then proceeded to tell me how sensitive Cam was, and why hadn't I gone out with him if I've known him so long, and blah blah blah!

"It'd be kinda awkward if that happened, Felicia."

"Why? Cameron says that you're closer then siblings would be."

I laughed. "Maybe that's cause we don't live under the same roof."

"So? Like you haven't noticed how amazing he is!"

"He's my best friend, Felicia." I reminded her as we went outside to be taken home by our respective dates

I shot a glance at Cam when I passed, trying to relay the mesage What the heck are you thinking?

The End

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