James Lightman

At school, things had been kinda dreamy lately. The basketball team played better, my brother did well in his job, work was great, and James was paying more attention to me.

Cameron and I spoke, but I never told him about James. We never talk about eachother's love lives. It just. . . .never comes up? That and the fact that Cameron hates  James's crowd. Just doesn't like popular people.

Why are people so prejudiced sometimes? I wondered as I walked to work.

"Hey there, good-lookin!" I heard a familiar voice call. I turned.

"Hey." I grinned as James twirled me around and quickly kissed my forehead.

"Work today?" he asked. I nodded.

"We've got some new stuff coming in today, and Michael really needs me there. But, I get off at seven-thrity." Classic cue. He will not refuse.

"Well, I hope we can make it in time." he grinned.

"For what?" He's planning something!

"See you at seven-thirty." he grinned and walked away.

The End

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