First fight

I was IMing JC again. I was excited, because since my encounter with James Lightman, there has been one date. Kinda typical I guess, but hey, it was exciting.

You there, Q?

I smiled. Here and happy.

That's good. Any particular reason?

I bit my lip. You gonna tell anybody?

Am I the type? Come on, tell me.

I sighed, seriously not wanting to. For some reason, I think he'd be disappointed. James Lightman used to be a pain in elementary and middle school. Now he's a high school jock, and a smart one, too.

Sigh. James Lightman.

What about him?

I. . .think he may somehow be interested in me. . .

Him? Really?  Wow. I though the unspoken in-crowd law said outsiders will not survive in theses situations.


Yeah. The unspoken law of the in-crowd. I'm doing a theory on it. Unless an outsider is welcomed, then the in-crowd member who is befriending them falls out. Unless the outsider is lucky or tricked, that is. I should know, I've seen it happen.

So you're telling me to ignore him?

No, I'm telling you to be careful.

But why? I wondered. Are you a friend of his?

No. If you are trying to prove a point, then it has been taken. Just be careful, Q, because I don't want to see you hurt. Ever.

I am careful.


Sigh. Why was his mood changing all of a sudden?

I was about to reply when I saw the words JCLamb has logged off on the bottom of the screen. Jerk! This was soo going in my report!

The End

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