Working for Michael

It was the second week of October.

Since that dream, life had been slightly more then odd.

First, I had a really crappy week. My team lost their basketball game. I got a sixty-three on my math quiz. My English teacher was acting weird. I was also getting some odd looks in the hallways. . .

Then on the following Monday, life seemed to get a little better. My grades in English and History both skyrocketed, and I had a lot more energy. I had a job again, at (where else?) Page One. Oh, and Driver's Ed started as well.

"We're getting some new books today, Rebecca. I'll sign for the packages, but you need to try and make some space on the counter for them." 

I snapped out my reverie of thinking about how good life was at the moment, and jumped into action. I began sorting through the books on the counter. Wow, lots of mystery today. I grabbed a huge armload of books to put in the mystery section. After putting them away, I grabbed another load.

I made sure to only take the ones with stickers, though, because the books are also color coded. Very effective, and way easier for me when I'm stacking books. I was just going to grab another armload when a boy pushed the door open, pulling a dolly with two boxes on it.

"Watch out for the step!" Michael and I both called. Too late though, cause he tripped and started to fall. A quick glance shared with Michael, and we both ran. Him to catch the dolly, and me to help the guy from falling on his face.

We both managed to catch what was falling, thankfully.

"Thanks." the guy said as I helped him up. "Thought I'd have to play basketball with a broken nose for a second."

"You're James Lightman." I said slowly, realizing what had just occured.

"And you're Rebecca Plotnik." he returned. He smiled and ran his fingers through his hair. I nearly melted. He looked like an angel when he smiled. 

"Here, let me help you." He quickly broke away to help Michael lift the boxes onto the space I had cleared. The other one went on the floor behind the counter.

"What's in there, encyclopedias or something?" James asked as the three of us sipped water a few minutes later. To my surprise, Michael nodded.

"1940 American version." 

"Cool."  he stood. "I gotta go. More trips to make. Thanks for the water." "You're welcome." Michael called. "Bye, Rebecca." he called as he left.

I glanced at Michael. He shrugged. "Let's unpack them." he also stood up. I nodded and went to find something to open the boxes with.

The End

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