"How do you know?"

I was there again, seeing everyone laugh at me, pointing and staring. Someone had me up against a wall, pressing, waiting. . .

It wasn't fair. How could all these people who didn't even know me hate me all of a sudden, just the one moment. Now the person who everyone feared most was coming in, pressing on me, scaring me. I think i used to like him, in some other dream

something come towards him, to save me. . . .


I woke up in a cold sweat just as the thing hit my adversary, wondering who or what had saved me in that dream.This was only the second time I'd had it, but it scared me, like i didn't even want to know. Who would do that for me, anyway? My brother? He isn't even in high school. Cameron? He knows I could get out of something like that on my own. Looking at the clock, I noticed that is was 4 AM. Great.

I went onto the computer, not really knowing what to expect. Please. Please, be there now, JC. . . .

I looked at the screen, and saw the only contact on the online list.

How do you know when something is for a reason?

The End

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