the job offer and the party

Sigh. On my own bike, I went down to the bookstore again. I had to make it quick, then head to the mall, then I had to go home and get ready for the party. It wasn't just any party, though. My brother had just landed himself a career, and we were all celebrating.

So, my mom gave me some money that day, told me I had to wear something nice, or else I would be washing every inch of her kitchen. Not much time for pick-and-chose, Mom. Great, thanks.

So, half an hour at the bookstore, then downtown to the mall to buy something to wear. Then home

I noticed store owner, Michael, smiling as I walked in. "Hello there, young lady." he said.

"Hi, how's it going?" I smiled. It's always good to see Michael. I placed a ten on the counter. "Can I have an iced tea and half an hour on one of your computers?"

He smiled and nodded, giving me a dollar fifty in change and leading me over to the computers. He gave me my iced tea, and left me for half an hour to talk to JC. He didn't happen to be online, but I figured I should do some stuff while I was there. While I was getting ready to go, though, Michael called me back.


"Yes?" I turned around.

"How would you like a part-time job here?"

I'd smiled a lot that day, sure, but this was probably one of my biggest.


Music played loud and clear in my house that evening. I had bought skinny jeans and a really pretty purple top, and I was spiting my mother by going barefoot. Cameron's family had just arrived, and everybody was getting ready to toast to my brother, who would be there any moment. 

I should probably explain that my brother landed a scholarship, took it, and now he's got a career managing a restaurant chain. He's twenty-three.

A knock came at the door, and Cameron and Kira, my younger sister, came to stand by me. The music had been paused.

"Who is it?" My mom asked, trying not to laugh. 

"It's Jared, and Jessy." I could hear Jessy, his wife, laughing on the other side of the door.

"A toast to our career finder, and his beautiful wife!" My dad yelled as Jared walked in, loud enough that the whole house could hear. There were cheers, agreements, slaps on the shoulders, and high fives from Jared's friends as he walked through the house. Everyone drank in agreement.

"How are my two sisters?" Jared asked as he stopped to see me and Kira. "Wishing I was still living here?" 

"You'd be lucky to live if you lived here again." I shot back, feeling a smile creep up. He hugged me and Kira.

"Well, well. Being nice to them now, are we? Adulthood really does change people."  I heard Cameron remark. 

"If I remember correctly, there were several times I threatened to run you off, little troublemaker." Jared laughed and high fived Cam, then went to say hi to some more people.

Some nights you just don't trust to end, you know?

The End

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